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Re: Fwd: Tonite's Webcast and HARMO-ssourian Friday August 1 2003

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  • Joe De Felice
    Just got on by clicking the other choice where it says Or this one Joe
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2003
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      Just got on by clicking the other choice
      where it says "Or this one"

      At 8/1/2003 09:51 PM -0400, you wrote:
      >at 8:30GMT tonite Friday show at Hatmony College.
      >Saturday nite same for big quartet sow
      >Interesting reminiscences in todays report below
      >>From: "Brian Lynch" <BLynch@...>
      >>Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2003 17:44:44 -0500
      >>Subject: [bbshop] HARMO-ssourian Friday August 1 2003
      >>[ read them all online at www.spebsqsa.org/hcdc ]
      >>Harmony College heritage lives in the Temple of Tags
      >>NEWSFLASH: Barbershoppers like to sing in stairwells. Dr. Jim Richards could
      >>no doubt provide a detailed explanation of why this is better than anywhere
      >>else, and probably mathematically model the "perfect" stairwell for tag
      >>Not necessary: we already have one. Under the commonest criteria --
      >>acoustics, convenience and company - we already have the perfect stairwell.
      >>For the other 51 weeks of the year, it's just a dim, dingy passageway
      >>between the student union and the MC Building. But, much like Brigadoon, one
      >>week every year, it is magically transformed; and for the past 28 years, it
      >>has become the Temple of Tags at Harmony College.
      >>Like any place of worship, the Temple of Tags demands of its guests
      >>obeisance to its rituals. First, the holy icons assume their place in the
      >>sanctuary: a tastefully simple plaque comes from storage, and lovingly
      >>buffed to a glossy sheen, hangs against the cinderblocks, blessing the
      >>chords to follow.
      >>This stairwell is hereby designated
      >>the Temple of Tags during the week of Harmony College.
      >>Dedicated to producing the finest sounds, friends and memories.
      >>This third day of August 1992,
      >>and yearly thereafter forever.
      >>Strict tag-singing etiquette regarding fifth wheels yields to sharing the
      >>really ripe ones with any who enter. Dog-eared tags books appear, and eager
      >>huddles form to read out the Hoy Writ as set down by prophets of old: Moon
      >>and Perry and Busby and Szabo and Waesche. Look at David Krause's tag book.
      >>Alongside Bill Busby's "Good-Bye Forever, It's Over I Know," is David's
      >>handwritten comment: "Wife died. Never wrote song." Gulp. Now sing the tag.
      >>But the best part of the Temple of Tags is surely the way its regulars
      >>eagerly welcome the novitiates. Quartets form, grow into septets, splinter,
      >>and the novitiates keep singing. A crowd of the younger singers forms in the
      >>adjacent hallway, and the screamers go up another third, and ring just that
      >>much more.
      >>No tag session is complete until someone tosses in an off-handed remark or
      >>lyric change that sets everyone to laughing, ideally to the point that they
      >>can't hit that first chord without cracking up again.
      >>The week isn't complete without "The Bounce." Everyone troops out to the
      >>place where Earl Moon would stand to teach tags. and rips a big one. A big,
      >>big, big one - and then stops dead silent, to hear the chord race across the
      >>campus, bounce off the dorms, and sail back home to its daddies. A romantic
      >>might hope that the chord continues to sail across the darkling prairie,
      >>soothing all in the slumbering night.
      >>Quite a place, that Temple of Tags.
      >>Director profile
      >>Tony Vink, Southern Part of Africa Tonsorial Singers
      >>A World Harmony Council education grant brought Tony Vink from Johannesburg,
      >>South Africa to Directors College 2003.
      >>"Our group has only have five guys meeting regularly right now," says Tony,
      >>"and coming to Directors College is filling me with ways to build our
      >>presence. We get pretty comfortable singing around the piano in someone's
      >>home; now we want to get out in front of more people."
      >>Born in The Netherlands, the 37-year-old Vink has lived in South Africa for
      >>22 years, and has long experience in different choral styles. "I had
      >>actually heard about barbershop about eight years ago, and never really
      >>thought much about it. Then, in 1999, I found myself between choruses, and
      >>thought it would be interesting to try a barbershop quartet."
      >>A newspaper ad yielded no results, so Tony turned to the Internet and found.
      >>www.spebsqsa.org. A few emails later, global Barbershopper Jeremy Reynolds
      >>had directed him to another singer just 10 kilometers away.
      >>The Southern Part of Africa Tonsorial Singers (SPATS) has 40-75 members in
      >>three chapters. "We owe a lot to Jack Bird, a longtime barbershop force down
      >>here. Although health problems keep him from being active now, he's the one
      >>who taught us to sing the style interpretively, instead of by the bar
      >> lines." SPATS has used education grants in the past to bring top coaches to
      >>South Africa; this time, it sent Tony to America. "This barbershop world is
      >>welcoming," said Tony. "Lani put me in touch with folks around the Kansas
      >>City area, and 50-year-member Tom Miller offered to lodge me for a few
      >>nights when I arrived. I went out for supper with Tom, Burt Szabo and Jim
      >>Bagby, then went back to their house for tag singing. It wasn't till I got
      >>here that I realized how lucky I'd been to be with the absolute cream of the
      >>Tony's first priorities on his return: "Ask ourselves, every week, 'How much
      >>singing are we really doing?' compared with side chatting, etc. Also, we
      >>need to get a serious membership effort started, and I'm bringing back
      >>copies of the Singing Is Life video."
      >>"Although there is a lot of singing in South Africa, we see a challenge in
      >>trying to interest singers in an American folk music. I want to try to
      >>approach it as expressive close harmony singing. I'm hoping Burt Szabo will
      >>help me with some barbershop arrangements of familiar South African songs."
      >>Totally buffed out:
      >>The Next Gen Guide to must-have tech for HCDC
      >>A serious nickname
      >>A few nicknames you probably haven't seen on Barbershopper name badges this
      >>week: SexyFro007, Mucus44502, pureplayaz. Troll the computer lab, and you'll
      >>find our hard-core coterie of our teens and twenty-somethings clattering
      >>away on the keys, lining up doomed 30-second love affairs. "You gotta like a
      >>girl who likes to bullride," howls one, as they all roll round the screen to
      >>see an entrant on AmIHotOrNot.com. "No way she's not a model, man." (They
      >>sure didn't make 'em like that when I was young..)
      >>Serious tag-grabbers
      >>Cassette tape? History. If you're going to get 'em all, you'll want a
      >>digital recorder or mini-disc that gives quick random access to your
      >>favorites on demands. Lapel clip stereo microphone is a must.
      >>Chandler Gates of Tinker AFB, Oklahoma, moves fast round the campus on his
      >>Razor scooter, occasionally grabbing some air for grins.
      >>Phones, man
      >>You can't sit at the computer chatting for hours without serious tunes. And
      >>there's no reason your best stuff can't be right where you are, thanks to
      >>broadband and web radio.
      >>Phones, man
      >>No dull voice-only cell phones for these guys. Better have Nextel direct
      >>connects, big phone books, speakerphones.
      >>Envy the Next Generation: they are at 12 and 19 and 23 already making the
      >>barbershop friends they'll have for twenty and thirty and fifty years to
      >>We'll say it again: get on the bus
      >>Sign up so we can get you there Sunday. Get outta here by 10 am. See you
      >>next year.
      >>Tag that bag
      >>The color-coded luggage tags will help get your goods to the right terminal.
      >>Need more? Get them from the HCDC office.
      >>One more regular guy located on campus
      >>As regular as they come. He's hardly ever done anything except teach
      >>everyone on the planet how to form vowels, share the joy of music, be a man
      >>of integrity and faith, be a loving father. and the finest quartet bass
      >>going down the road. Just like the rest of us. Shake hands with Regular Guy
      >>Bill Myers.
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