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HCDC Installment for Thursday

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  • kkbari
    Hello from St. Joe! Thursday is the last full day of classes. At general session, Ferris Collins led us through some warmups and then Amen . Great fun.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2003
      Hello from St. Joe!

      Thursday is the last "full" day of classes. At general session,
      Ferris Collins led us through some warmups and then "Amen". Great
      fun. Burt Szabo taught a pretty cool tag with a twist. Mel Knight
      taught "Don't Bring Lulu" using the quartet method. Quartet
      consisted of Steve Delehanty, Dave Calland, Ferris Collins, and moi.

      Greg Lyne told us at the morning session "0% chance of rain". At
      1:30, it was raining. Greg, better stick to music! Fortunately, it
      started just as we arrived to class and was done before we went to
      the next class.

      The quartets being coached are hitting overload, and yet they keep
      coming back for more. With the exception of a voice or two, everyone
      is still in great shape. One interesting quartet story is in my
      pod. The bari of one of the quartets took ill Sunday and flew back
      home. So at breakfast on Monday, they asked a student here to fill
      in for the week. He's learned several of their songs and will
      perform with them on Friday night. Not only does the quartet still
      get coached, but the bari also gets invaluable coaching to take back
      with him!

      Preparations are in full swing for the weekend's festivities. MC's
      are preparing to introduce a quartet at the Friday night quartet
      parade. Each quartet will get to sing one song on the parade, and
      they are busy getting ready for that. Sat night is the big show, so
      it is evident that students involved are getting prepared for that.

      I have had a great learning experience myself this year. At the last
      minute, I had to teach an extra class on "Sight Singing". I had
      never taught this before at any school, and found out I was teaching
      only 48 hours before I walked in. By Wednesday, the class had sang
      32 bars of a song they hadn't sung before. Truly cool to help
      students start the journey getting over that mental hurdle of

      The highlight of my HCDC week is the Gospel Sing. Each year, Joe
      Liles directs. For the last few years, Sally Wolf (spelling?) has
      played the piano- talk about a fine gospel piano player. This year,
      Ev Nau joined in providing some rhythmic accompaniment. We sang
      through a stack of "old-time" gospel numbers. It is just great fun.
      This year's crowd seemed to be more enthusiastic than normal (and
      that's pretty charged up). A great spiritual event for all in

      I've been coming to Harmony College since 1980. A lot of changes,
      and yet a lot that remains the same. WHat hasn't changed is the
      learning and fellowship that is derived when you throw 600-700
      barbershoppers together. I talk with some of the new barbershoppers
      and they talk just like I did 23 years ago when I attended my first
      one. It is a great tradition in our society. If haven't been, put
      it on your calendar for next year.

      Tonight, the quartet parade!


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