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The Board of Director's - The PR & M Position

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  • Philip Maxfield
    Fellow barbershoppers, It is so important to have a full time, year round PR & M position on a Board of Directors! I can t for the life of me understand why
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 31, 2003
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      Fellow barbershoppers,

      It is so important to have a full time, year round PR & M position on a
      Board of Directors!

      I can't for the life of me understand why all chapters don't think that this
      position is deserving a board placement. There is so much that can be done
      and should be done to network the chapter and build the Chorus's image in
      the community. Take it from me, IT IS A FULL TIME JOB.

      It is my opinion (and I sense others in the ranks feel the same way), that
      until the Society at least deems the PR & M position mandatory for Plateau
      II chapters, the membership numbers will not change and the Society will
      continue to stagnate. Plateau III chapters would have a hard time
      functioning if they didn't have a full time PR & M guy. It's one thing to
      talk about networking and building relationships but it's another thing
      actually doing it.

      Philip Maxfield

      Director of Public Relations & Marketing

      NW La. Chapter, SPEBSQSA, Inc.

      P.O. Box 44498
      Shreveport, La. 71134
      Office: (318) 861-5988
      Fax: (318) 688-5227

      Cell: (318) 455-4476

      2002 - Chapter Barbershopper of the Year

      2002 - SWD PR Officer of the Year

      2003 - Barber Shop Harmony Society Public Relations Officer of the Year

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      From: Mark & Shelagh Radcliffe [mailto:radcliffe.family@...]
      Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 9:48 PM
      To: Harmonet
      Subject: [bbshop] Board of Director's Size (Digest 1754)

      In response to Terryl Wolfrath:

      Our Chapter has 60 members with about 45 regular attendees. Our
      consists of Prez, VP Music, VP Dev., Sec., Treas. (the Executive), a
      Past Prez, and 6 MAL's. As long as you have the 5 Exec. positions
      covered, I don't think there's a Society rule which says you have to
      have any more positions.
      A Past President is handy to have around for his experience plus
      him some special projects to manage (like the Annual Officer
      Installation, Dinner & Dance, for example). The 6 Members At Large are
      good for Chairing important committees and keeping our Executive
      Officers honest.
      These 12 guys represent 1/5 or 20% of our total membership. It's
      interesting to note that 12 is the minimum number of members a Chapter
      needs to maintain its Charter. In this set up we need 7 for a voting
      quorum, which we've only missed once in the past 2 years. It's a good
      idea to have an even number of Board members, and have your President
      vote on motions ONLY in the event of a tie. That way you can't have a
      perfect split vote, and if members abstain or are absent, the President
      can cast his vote to break any deadlocks.
      Hope this helps!

      - YIH, Mark Radcliffe, President
      "City of Lakes" Chapter
      Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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