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HARMO-ssourian Thursday July 31 2003

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  • Brian Lynch
    HARMO-ssourian Thursday July 31 2003 THEY VE STILL GOT IT! Rural Route 4 wows em at Wednesday Bash There s the rest. and then there s the Rural Route 4.
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      HARMO-ssourian Thursday July 31 2003

      Rural Route 4 wows 'em at Wednesday Bash

      There's the rest. and then there's the Rural Route 4. Arguably the Society's
      best-loved quartet, the RR4 showed Wednesday why their legacy lives in the
      center of our hearts.

      Standing ovations usually follow a sterling performance. Last night, the
      crowd rose to its feet in acclamation of the 1986 champs before they had
      even made it onto stage. Eyes brimming with tears of joy, the quartet
      launched into its signature "Richest Man In The World" -- and made every
      word of it true.

      Performance review classes take note: what you saw last night exemplifies
      the ideals of quartet character development, brilliant choice of material
      suited to performer, and passionate devotion to the audience. Each old bit,
      each song, brings the audience into the ideals and family of the Rural Route
      4. The parrot and the plumber joke, corny? You bet: it's their stock in
      trade, and no one does it better. (Which, by the way, is why it's not so
      smart to swipe material from them: what business does a tux quartet have
      singing "Old MacDonald?" But we've all seen it..)

      Up until this year, one might have suggested that the RR4 was the last of
      the "regular guys" to win the championship. Is it coincidence that our new
      champs Power Play, also a family quartet, are also one of the most sincere
      quartets since the RR4?

      [PHOTO CAPTION] STILL THE GREATEST BALLAD: The tenderness of "Tie Me To
      Your Apron Strings" stands today as a hallmark of the sentimental
      barbershop ballad.


      Green beanies least awful; Emaline Nau's trust fund swells

      LOSS, the Green Beanies offered a last desperate hand swipe to emerge

      The splendor of a Missouri summer evening faded to a sweet memory as four
      troupes of propellered demons descended on the HCDC stage Wednesday night.
      And when their desperate dirges had wrought their stupefying magic, the
      Green Beanies were declared least damnable.

      Said Summoner of the Hellspawn Ev Nau, "I sincerely regret bringing them
      into this world, and expect my doom will be to have to do this again every
      year into eternity. So be it; I've earned it." He then turned to the thirty
      pieces of silver (US$3.00) he accepted for naming them winners, and sighed,
      "Well, at least my granddaughter can get a nice Sesame Street coloring book
      in lieu of an actual education."

      Me, I thought the reds were nice.

      Gospel Sing tonight at 9:45
      by Elbert Ford

      Hear and sing some of the gospel songs you sang as a kid and bring back
      treasured memories, at Gospel Sing tonight from 9:45 to 10:45. Song leader
      Joe Liles distributes a packet of music to each attendee, and hopes to sing
      through them all.

      The Gospel Sing is a chance to sing some melodies and common
      harmonies-meaning that they're not too difficult, but plenty rewarding.
      Further, it brings attendees of many different faiths together in song so
      that all have a part in the total sound-which parallels the Society's ideals
      of different races, different professions, ages (from 10 to 100), and

      Last year was my first time to attend one of this magnitude and it certainly
      won't be my last. We sat mostly where we wanted to but tried to remain in
      sections. It makes it easier if you're unsure of your part. I intend to go
      again this year to get my spiritual batteries charged. Also, because I
      enjoyed it so much! I hope to see you all there at 9:45 pm in the little
      theater (MC 101) in the building adjoining the Student Union.


      Ode to Harmony College
      by Tom Addison,
      San Mateo County Golden Chordsmen

      I packed my bags and flew away
      to the town of old St. Joe,

      for seven days of heavenly song
      on the banks of the mighty Mo.

      Where the young and old, the meek and bold
      gather at this time of year

      To laugh and sing and make chords ring
      with friends we hold so dear.

      With tags from Wright, well sung just right
      on tuning from Joe Liles.

      Greg Lyne's the dean, but Lani's the queen
      who always brings us smiles.

      And Alice is here, our director this year,
      for theory, conducting and stuff.

      She's always excited, and we are delighted
      that she likes this and can't get enough

      Of Performance Review and Ev Nau too,
      or Don Campbell's conducting instruction

      and "Physics of Sound" with Jim Richards around
      and Bill Rashleigh's "instructing conduction."

      The Wednesday Bash, where the beanies will clash
      marks the midpoint of this wonderful week.

      And the Freddie King Show, and hymns sung with Joe
      are other highpoints we seek.

      The Parade of Quartets is as good as it gets
      when Friday comes quickly around.

      With one day to go, it's the Saturday show,
      the Four Voices and Music Man sound.

      And after the show with only hours to go
      with friends we sing tags in the night

      And at four in the morning, we hear our last warning: "The buses are here at
      first light."

      Then it's off to the airport with old friends and new
      We will sing with our pals "One More Song."

      Only one year to go, and we return to St. Joe
      --with luck it won't seem that long.

      Grace Notes
      Opportunities yield nearly $2k
      Thanks to the many donors and to you for your generosity. We raised nearly
      $2000 for Harmony Foundation. This makes possible two more scholarships for
      HCDC 2004, as well as supporting the many Society programs that help us
      Sing. for life.

      Quartets & emcees: make sure you hook up
      Talk first to assure a smooth intro at the Parade of Quartets. Lists are
      posted on the bulletin boards and the Harmony College office door.

      For sale: Two pair shoes
      Worn one day each.. size 11. Ask Lani in HCDC office. make offer. (Story
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