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Harmonet Montreal Seating Chart - Final Version

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  • Ann McAlexander
    Just a couple of updates since Version 2 went out the other night. This will be the final version. Greetings from beautiful Niagara Falls! Arriving in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1 4:36 AM
      Just a couple of updates since Version 2 went out the other night.
      This will be the final version.

      Greetings from beautiful Niagara Falls! Arriving in Montreal tonight.

      Ann McAlexander


      Harmonet Montreal Seating Chart

      Murray & Mary Phillips
      Montreal Convention Co-Chair
      Greater Montreal Chapter, NED, SPEBSQSA
      Montreal Chapter, Area 3, HI
      Sec FL 1, Row J, Seats 8-9

      Bob Sutton
      Alexandria Harmonizers, MAD, SPEBSQSA
      Mercury Quartet
      Sec FL 1, Row L, Seat 7

      Jade Walker
      Associate, Area 6, HI
      Sec FL 1, Row L, Seat 6

      Charlie and Nelle Hill
      Greater New Orleans Chapter, SWD, SPEBSQSA
      Chapter-at-Large, Region 10, SAI
      Associate Member, Area 4, HI
      Sec FL 1, Row N, Seats 11-12

      Keith Jones
      Alexandria Harmonizers, MAD, SPEBSQSA
      Sec 2, Row M, Seat 25

      Steve and Addie Wheaton and family
      Montreal Convention Co-Chair
      Greater Montreal Chapter, NED, SPEBSQSA
      Sec FL 3, Row F, Seats 31-35

      Renee and Joe Walsh
      Heart of Maryland Chorus, Region 19, SAI
      Night Magic, 2003 8th Place SAI Int'l Qt Medalist
      Sec FL 4, Row S, Seats 11-12

      Malcolm (Mal) Agnew
      Arlington and Mount Vernon (Harmony Heritage Singers) Virginia,
      Chapters, MAD, SPEBSQSA.
      Sec FL 4, Row X, Seat 8

      Dusty & Amy Schleier
      Westchester County, NY, MAD, SPEBSQSA
      Prelude, NED, SPEBSQSA
      YankeeMaids, Region 1, SAI
      Sec FL 5, Row W, Seats 27-28

      Bruce Checca
      Auditorium House Chairman ... won't be sitting much!
      Bolton Landing Chapter, NED, SPEBSQSA
      Sec FL 5, Row X, Seats 27-28

      Dean and Janice Crawford
      Richmond Virginia Chapter, MAD, SPEBSQSA
      Sec FL 7, Row JJ, Seats 11-12

      Toban Dvoretzky
      Ancient Harmonious Society of Woodshedders, Inc. (AHSOW)
      Frank H. Thorne chapter, SWD, SPEBSQSA
      All four parts (whatever your trio is missing)
      Sec 101, Row J, Seat 1 (if this stinks, will seize other

      Clare and June McCreary
      St. Petersburg Chapter, SUN, SPEBSQSA
      Gulf to Bay Chapter, Region 9, SAI
      Sect. 101, Row K, seats 7-8

      Tom and Louise Wiener
      Seven Thirty-four, A Barbershop Quartet
      The Arlingtones Barbershop Chorus of Virginia, MAD, SPEBSQSA
      Sec 114, Row E, Seats 5-6

      Peg and George Rau
      Lead, Pine Barons Chorus, Cherry Hill Chapter, MAD, SPEBSQSA
      Atlantic Division Events Coordinator
      Section 114, Row J, Seats 5-6

      David Bowen
      Great Northern Union, LOL, SPEBSQSA
      Sec 114, Row BB, Seat 3
      (Ann's note: David is one of the founders of the Harmonet.
      Stop by and tell him thanks if you get a chance!)

      Matt Swann
      The Miamians, SUN, SPEBSQSA
      Dundalk, MAD, SPEBSQSA
      Heat Quartet, contestant in CBQC
      Section 115, Row F, Seat 15

      Ron & Kay Bromert
      Pride of Iowa Chapter, CSD, SPEBSQSA
      Harmony Central Chorus, Region 7, SAI
      Sec 115, Row U, Seats 1-2

      Mike and Kay Burkhart
      Ocean View, DE Chapter, MAD, SPEBSQSA
      Section 116, Row F, Seats 1-2

      Lynn and Clarke Edward
      Newmarket Chapter, ONT, SPEBSQSA
      Sec 116, Row P, Seats 7-8

      Jo Glomski
      City of Lakes, Region 6, SAI
      Section 117, Row H, Seat 9

      Mike Borts (Beatnik Mike)
      The Vocal Majority, SWD, SPEBSQSA
      Dallas Knights Quartet
      Sec 118, Row N, Seat 1

      Brooks Harkey
      Vocal Majority, SWD, SPEBSQSA
      Section 118, Row O, Seat 1

      Benjy Trollip
      Auckland "City of Sails" Chorus, NZABS
      Bass, FOUR, 2002 NZABS 4th placed quartet
      Section 118, Row O, Seat 2

      Brad and Ann McAlexander, Patrick and Maggie
      Greater Indianapolis Chapter and Breakthrough Quartet, CAR, SPEBSQSA
      Capital City Chapter, Region 4, SAI
      Associate Member, Area 4, HI
      Sec 118, Row V, Seats 7-10

      Charles and Ruth Denzler
      Bryn Mawr Mainliners, MAD, SPEBSQSA
      Valley Forge Chorus, Region 19, SAI
      Sec 118, Row FF, Seats 9 and 10

      Bonnie Morton
      Diane Nicholson
      Sue Shepherd
      Betty Scarlet
      Pride of Niagara, Area 3, HI
      Section 119, Row C, Seats 1-4

      Jim and Ellen Puffe
      Class of '79 quartet and Great Plains Harmony Chapter, LOL, SPEBSQSA
      Bridge Mix quartet and Acappella Xpress Women's Show Chorus, Region
      6, SAI
      Sec 119, Row C, Seats 9-10

      Mike Barkley
      Stockton, Central California, Fremont-Hayward, & BAM Chapters, FWD,
      Bass, quartet "KaBLaM!
      Sec 119, Row U, Seat 1

      Sharon and Bob Caldwell
      The Harmonizers, MAD, SPEBSQSA
      The Virginians, MAD, SPEBSQSA
      The City Slickers, 2003 Senior International Bronze Medalists
      Encore!, MAD, SPEBSQSA
      Easy Street Mixed Quartet
      Sec 120, Row B, Seats 1-2

      Lois Conrad
      Pride of Baltimore Chapter, Region 19, SAI
      Bari, Easy Street Mixed Quartet
      Bass, Sky High Quartet, SAI
      Section 120, Row H, Seat 4

      Alexandria Harmonizers
      Section 120, most seats forward of Row L

      Jay Garber
      Greater Pittsburgh Chapter, JAD, SPEBSQSA
      Section 121, Row D, Seat 6

      Stan Wardwell
      North Coast Chapter, JAD, SPEBSQSA
      Sec 121, Row D, Seat 7

      Roz Frizzell
      Boston Shrimp
      Sec 122, Row E, Seat 11

      Linda Bober
      Associate Member, Area 2, HI
      Sec 123, Row C, Seat 7
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