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Fw: Rob Update for Harmonet

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  • Gordon Manion
    ... From: James Henry To: Gordon & Rose Manion Sent: Monday, June 30, 2003 7:14 PM Subject: Rob Update for
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      From: "James Henry" <ghgbass@...>
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      Sent: Monday, June 30, 2003 7:14 PM
      Subject: Rob Update for Harmonet

      > Hi Gordon. Here's the update on Rob for the Harmonet. Thanks. Love, Jim
      > ------------
      > Hello everyone. I don¹t have very good news to report today. Saturday
      > night Rob¹s left leg started to swell up. Sue called the doctor who said
      > that if it wasn¹t any better in the morning he should go back to the
      > hospital. It wasn¹t, so he did. Rob has developed deep vein thrombosis,
      > huge blood clot (running the extent of his entire leg) in a major vein.
      > leg is swollen because the clot prohibits the blood that has flowed into
      > leg from flowing back out again. This condition is a result of his tumor,
      > which--as I understand it--secretes some sort of chemical that encourages
      > the blood to clot. The Coumadin that he has been taking was not thinning
      > the blood enough to prevent this. I wish I could give a good news/bad
      > scenario, but there frankly isn¹t anything good about it. As you can
      > imagine, Rob is experiencing severe discomfort and pain (though the
      > he¹s on is helping somewhat). We¹ve been informed that the tumor will
      > continue to inspire these clots as long as it is vital and growing. If
      > chemotherapy or some other treatment doesn¹t squelch the tumor, the clots
      > will keep coming. As long as the clot is there, Rob must remain in bed,
      > either on his back or on his right side, with his leg propped up 45
      > He may not get out of bed for any reason or the leg will get even worse.
      > other words, Rob is completely bed-ridden and will remain so until the
      > shrinks enough to allow it. This could be months, years or--if the
      > treatments don¹t work--the rest of his life, however long that may be.
      > other possibility is that a piece of this clot will break off and travel
      > his pulmonary artery (i.e., pulmonary embolism), which could take his life
      > instantly. You may remember David Bloom of NBC recently died of this in
      > Iraq. There was some talk about installing a filter that would keep a
      > particle from being able to reach the pulmonary artery, but the doctor has
      > explained that with Rob¹s condition the result would be massive clotting
      > all the veins below that filter. Both legs would be like his left one is
      > now, but even worse. So while the threat of embolism would be decreased,
      > Rob¹s level of pain and discomfort would be unbearable. In summary, Rob
      > looking down a very long, dark tunnel. If the chemo or some other
      > doesn¹t work on his tumors Rob is facing the prospect of either spending
      > what time he has left flat on his back or dying instantly of an embolism.
      > I¹m sorry I¹m not doing a better job of sugar coating this thing, but I
      > came from the hospital and I can¹t muster any pretense right now. I
      > that you, our friends who know and love Rob, should know what is truly
      > on so that you can understand how desperately we need your prayers.
      > The doctor has put Rob on a stronger blood thinner (Heparin), and they¹ve
      > installed a porta catheter, which is like a little portal inserted near
      > heart just under the skin and connected to a primary vein. Through this,
      > they can give him medication, chemotherapy drugs, fluids, or anything else
      > one would use an IV for. This means he won¹t have to get stuck in the
      > and hands anymore (except for blood tests). This is a good thing: he¹s
      > stuck so many time that his veins have become too fragile for traditional
      > IV¹s (not to mention the fact that he¹s starting to look like a junkie!).
      > Now they just hook up to the needle in the porta cath and the drugs go
      > directly into his system, no muss no fuss. Rob will start his
      > treatments tomorrow, and we¹re going to expect positive results from that.
      > I know that thousands of barbershoppers will be in Montreal for the
      > convention this week. If any of you convention goers read this, please
      > along the need for prayer and positive thoughts for Rob and all the other
      > barbershoppers around the world who are struggling with illness. With so
      > many barbershop fans all in one place, I would imagine a powerful prayer
      > could be raised. For my part, I apologize for not being able to sing with
      > the Gas House Gang at the Harmony Foundation Show on Tuesday. When all
      > happened I knew my place was with my family, and I postponed my flight. I
      > deeply appreciate your understanding. I hear that Acoustix will be
      > in for us, and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. I also
      > want to thank the show organizer and dear friend Randy Loos who has been
      > supportive and understanding about all this; Mike Slamka, another
      > friend, for learning our music and agreeing to sing with us even though he
      > knew he would have to compete with his great quartet Power Play the very
      > next day; and of course my other brothers Rick Knight and Kipp Buckner
      > for...everything. This isn¹t how we planned to spend the tenth
      > of our win, but obviously the Lord has more glorious plans. Barring any
      > other unforeseen events (God forbid), I do plan on being in Montreal in
      > to direct the Ambassadors of Harmony in the chorus contest Saturday, so
      > hopefully I will be able to see many of you then and thank you in person
      > your overwhelming and constant support. As always Rob would love to hear
      > from you by mail (101 El Caballo, St. Peters, MO 63376) or e-mail
      > (getwell@...).
      > Thanks and God Bless You AllS
      > Jim Henry
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