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here's a "hooked" story for you...

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  • Eric King
    Forwarding this on for my Canadian friend...(sorry for the jumbled nature of the text...it s a good story.) Being a barbershop brat was always fun, you know,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2000
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      Forwarding this on for my Canadian friend...(sorry for the jumbled
      nature of the text...it's a good story.)

      Being a barbershop brat was always fun, you know, going to
      conventions with my mom and dad, of course,
      while they were at the competitions, I was running amock in the hotel
      doing what barbershop brats do best!!! Pushing every button on the
      elevators just prior to the Saturday night show leaving the
      auditorium, gathering ice for the bathtub in the Toronto chapter
      hospitality room, and of course my favourite....sneaking on to the
      roof of (usually the hotels on the airport strip) to watch the planes
      come in about 50 metres (150ft) over my head.
      Fun stuff. That soon all changed for me around the time I was 11
      years old.
      I had always (in secret) played my dad's vast collection of barbershop
      albums and loved to try and harmonize along with the Nighthawks,
      AutoTowners,Renegades,Rascals,Suntones,Four-DoMatics, Colonials,
      Statesmen and so on. That of course was when my father Cliff wasn't
      playing them himself! In the fall of 1973 my dad came home with the
      new Top Ten album which at the time didn't cause much of a stir for
      me if I remember correct.
      I do, however, remember my dad calling me into the living room after
      dinner and asking me if I would like to hear the best barbershop
      quartet he had EVER heard!! Immediately I took notice of this
      revelation as my dad had always been a diehard Nighthawks fan and
      had always proclaimed the "Hawks" as simply the best. What he played
      for me was astonishing!!!! The Dealers Choice. I couldn't beleive my
      ears. smooth, connected,seemless and powerful. The mold had been
      broken for this 11 year old. To boot, they were dressed in these
      Riverboat gambler type outfits which I had never seen
      before. Needless to say I wore the grooves just about right off that
      album in the months to come. Later that next year my dad asked me if
      I would like to go and see the Onta-fame show headlining none other
      than the Dealers Choice. My Dads chapter was helping out back stage
      and I had a ticket, but it was near the back of the hall. At
      intermission my dad appeared and asked if I would like to sit near
      the front of the auditorium. He took me down to the front of the
      concert bowl styled auditorium (Minkler in Toronto) and
      put me right in a front row seat he had noticed from back stage, that
      was unoccupied. Light out, spot on centre stage, and with a
      thunderous applause, out walked The Dealers Choice shimmering in
      their green crush velvet outfits. These guys were even better than
      their album and they were only 8ft away from me. I can tell you to
      this day, every song that they sang, including encores!!! To top that
      off, after the show my dad took me back stage to meet them and get
      their autographs. After that I would openly, at home, sing along with
      my old favorite tenor (Greg Backwell) and my new favourite (Al
      Kvanli).As an adult with two young children of my own (who
      play all of my Barbershop C.D. collection) I learned from my dad and
      the Dealers Choice, how the things that we as adults, and we
      alone,can do to shape young impressionable minds by what we say, how
      we act and of course what we expose them to.
      That's how I got hooked!! 22 years and going strong!
      Bub Himes
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