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Re: [bbshop] Tonight Show clarification

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  • goldmedl@theramp.net
    ... That depends upon, of course, which version of The Tonight Show theme it is. Steve Allen DID write the theme for the show that was played during the
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      At 10:13 PM 12/1/2002 +0000, schlesmail wrote:
      >Wrong info, Roger. The "Tonight Show" theme was written by Paul Anka.
      > THE REAL Paul Anka.
      >--Joseph Schlesinger

      That depends upon, of course, which version of "The Tonight Show" theme it
      is. Steve Allen DID write the theme for the show that was played during the
      years that he hosted. Trust me on this one, guys. I went through all this
      when we were working on using a snippet of the theme (the one played during
      the Johnny Carson years) when I sang tenor with "The Tonight Show" quartet.
      - Helen Giallombardo


      ....a leftover from the Steve Allen Tonight-hosting days, used briefly at
      the end of the Carson show...] Composer: Steven Valentine ("Steve") Allen

      Main Theme: "Johnny's Theme"
      [aka: "Here's Johnny"]
      [original title: "Toot Sweet"]
      [vocal title: "It's Really Love (Faibles Femmes)"]

      [This catchy ditty was written by Paul Anka under the name of
      "Toot Sweet". After lyrics were added in 1959 it was called
      "It's Really Love" and it was recorded by Annette Funicello on
      the LP, "Annette Sings".

      In 1962, when Johnny Carson took over the NBC "Tonight Show",
      he commissioned Anka for a new THEME song, via his company
      called "Management Agency & Music Publishing, Inc."

      Anka must have suggested re-using this old tune, which does
      have a pleasant bouncy feel and does seem to fit. Since it
      was technically a deal under a "work for hire" contract,
      Johnny became the "author" for copyright purposes too, and got
      a piece of not only the publishing but the composer's share
      too. Both Anka and Carson's names are listed for the purpose
      of collecting BMI performance royalties....

      Of course, it must have been worth it: Anka once said,
      he got $200 in royalties every time the show aired....]

      Composers: Paul Anka (BMI), and [technically]
      John William ("Johnny") Carson (BMI)

      Original Publishers: Chrysalis Standards, Inc. (BMI), and
      Here's Johnny Music (BMI)

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