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Question for all Encore Show listeners - others delete if you wish

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  • Steve Currington
    The email is aimed at the Encore Barbershop Internet Radio Show Listeners. As there is no mailing list for this I am broadcasting this via this mailing group.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2002
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      The email is aimed at the Encore Barbershop Internet Radio Show
      As there is no mailing list for this I am broadcasting this via this
      mailing group.
      This is not spam it is simply a question that I need answered from the
      barbershop listeners.
      If you are not currently a listener and/or do not want to read further
      then please Delete This Message Now.
      Thanks for your patience. - Steve


      Hi to all Encore Show Listeners.

      I have recently obtained - thanks to Don Gooding and Mainley A Cappella
      - a bunch (about 40 I think) of cassette tapes of barbershop quartets &
      Both male and female.

      I have the ability to play these on the encore show but as they are
      cassettes the quality will not be as good as the CD material I currently
      Examples being a little more background cassette hiss etc normally
      associated with cassette recordings.

      I can clean this up a little bit but some will remain.

      What I would like to know is would the listeners like to listen to this
      material or would they prefer that I stay with only playing CD material.
      Please reply to me directly so as not to annoy other mailing list
      readers . Email your response to encore@...

      Below is a list of the cassettes

      139th St. Greatest Hits
      139th St. Standing Room Only
      139th St. Third Album
      4 City 4 Just Because
      Bank Street Bank Street
      Bayou City Music Committee We'll Be Seeing You
      By Appointment With Love
      Chicago News Have You Heard the News
      Chiefs of Staff Tribute
      Chordiac Arrest Live and Well!
      Classic Collection A Barbershop Album Vol. I
      Classic Collection A Barbershop Album Vol. II
      Classic Collection Classic Collection
      Classic Collection Signature
      Classic Collection Special Request
      Graham Smith Just One Voice
      Graham Smith One Voice II
      Grandma's Beaus That's Life
      Happiness Emporium Control Yourself
      Happiness Emporium That's Entertainment!
      High Gear Out Of Touch
      Joker's Wild Chasing A Dream
      Northwest Spirit Northwest Spirit
      Power Play The Best Times
      Quartz Precision Premiere
      Quartz Precision The Great Race
      Schmitt Borthers Live At Home/Best 35 Years
      Sidewinders Here's Barbershop.. And then Some
      Sidewinders The Sidewinders
      Southern Cross Down Under
      Swingtime I'm Gonna Live Till I Die
      The Naturals Quartet The Naturals Quartet
      The Ritz On Moonlight Bay
      The Ritz The Ritz
      The Ritz I'm Beginning To See The Light
      Tribute Makin' Whoopee and Other Stuff
      West Towns Chorus This Is Christmas
      West Towns Chorus West Towns Chorus
      Bluegrass Student Union After Class
      Bluegrass Student Union Here To Stay
      Bluegrass Student Union The Music Man
      Bluegrass Student Union The Older... The Better
      Rural Route 4 Friends & Relatives
      Rural Route 4 My Life, My Love, My Song
      Rural Route 4 Saturday Night & Sunday Mornin'
      Western Union Captain of the Toy Brigade

      WOMEN'S groups
      4 Star Collection By Request
      Cameo Performance By Request
      Cameo Performance Cameo Performance
      Ginger 'n Jazz Back With Pizazz
      Growing Girls Best of Two Worlds
      Growing Girls Still Growing
      High Society Best of...
      Melo-Edge Potpourri
      Melo-Edge/Jubilation Queens In Harmony
      North Metro Chorus North Metro Presents
      Panache The Curtain Falls
      Rampo Valley Chorus It's Showtime
      Rampo Valley Chorus Manhattan Merry-Go-Round
      Rampo Valley Chorus The Great Travelin' Show
      Rich-Tone Chorus One Of A Kind
      Rich-Tone Chorus Turnin' Up The Heat

      Steve Currington
      "DJ" of Encore Internet Barbershop Radio Show
      PO Box 9400, Wellington, New Zealand
      Voice Phone: +64 4 2984617
      Fax: +64 4 2894619
      Mobile: 025 474244
      eMail: encore@...

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