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Re: [bbshop] cover quartet?

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  • Travis Murray
    That would be The Persuasions. They re not barbershop, but a professional a cappella/doo-wop quintet that s been around since the sixties. They ve also done
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      That would be The Persuasions. They're not barbershop, but a professional a
      cappella/doo-wop quintet that's been around since the sixties. They've also
      done a complete album of Frank Zappa songs. They're still actively touring
      and the word on the street is that they are quite entertaining.

      Travis Murray
      Lead - The Wanderers

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      > Hi all,
      > This person found my site and e-mailed me the following question...Since
      > haven't a clue, I figured someone out there would. Please e-mail her back
      > directly at MarniEllen @ aol.com (remove spaces) if you have the answer.
      > Thanks.
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      > hi, i'm looking for the name of a group. i was listening to them at a
      > friends house and they couldn't remember their name. all i really know
      > about them is that they have done covers of entire albums for the grateful
      > dead and the beatles. i have no experience with barbershop style music
      > my friends said that is how they would be classified so if there's any
      > chance you understand this babbling and have a clue as to who i'm thinking
      > of could you please send me an e-mail back? thanks.
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      > Cheers!
      > Diane
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