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The CARAs results

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    Forwarded from Rec.music.a-cappella Jessika Diamond ICCA ... Subject: CARAs RESULTS! From: editorcan@aol.comnospam (Beth Olliges) Date: 01/04/02 3:10 PM
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      Forwarded from Rec.music.a-cappella

      Jessika Diamond

      Subject: CARAs RESULTS!
      From: editorcan@... (Beth Olliges)
      Date: 01/04/02 3:10 PM Pacific Standard Time
      Message-id: <20020401181041.21840.00001808@...>

      Hi folks,

      I should have posted this earlier today -- sorry for keeping you all
      suspense! Below are the results of this year's CARAs. (The full write-
      ups can
      be found in the April/May issue of The CAN.) As always, we thank
      everyone who
      submitted their CDs for consideration, and we send our heartiest
      congratulations to the talented winners and runners-up!

      Thanks also to all the judges who gave of their time and a cappella
      in determining this year's award recipients.

      Enough delays. Here's what you're waiting for -- the list!

      RESULTS -- 2002 Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards
      Artist of the Year:
      Angelina Choo
      Runner-up: Sixth Wave

      Best Pop/Rock Album
      Tonic Sol-Fa - Style
      Runner-up: maybebop - Auf die Ohren

      Best Pop/Rock Original Song
      InsideOut - "Taken Up" (from So It Seems)
      Runner-up (tie): Dilemma - "Wishing" (from Dilemma)
      Ball in the House - "Never A Second Embrace" (from The Way It Has To

      Best Pop/Rock Cover Song
      Hookslide - "Dream On" (from California Screamin')
      Runner-up: Vocal Six - "Kiss From A Rose" (from Tivoli)

      Best Jazz Song
      The Real Group - "'Lil Darlin'" (from Allt Det Bästa)
      Runner-up: the swingle singers - "Fool on the Hill" (from Live in

      Best Barbershop Album
      Millennium - Millennium
      Runner-up: Riptide - Wonderful Life

      Best Barbershop Song
      Riptide - "Fit As a Fiddle/For Me & My Gal Medley" (from Wonderful
      Runner-up: Millennium - "Jezebel" (from Millennium)

      Best Doo-Wop Album
      The Cadillacs A'Capella - One Song Shy
      Runner-up: The Cadillacs A'Capella - Live

      Best Doo-Wop Song
      Tonic Sol-Fa - "Ready-Made" (from Style)
      Runner-up (tie): baSix - "How Sweet It Is" (To Be Loved By You)
      Boyz Nite Out - "Only You" (from American Vinyl)

      Best Folk/Music From Around The World Album
      Vocal Sampling - Cambio de Tiempo
      Runner-up (tie): Mayim - Soul Song
      Derric Johnson's Liberty Voices - A Slice of A Cappella

      Best Folk/Music From Around the World Song
      Vocal Sampling - "Un Son pa' Cantar" (from Cambio de Tiempo)
      Runner-up: Mayim - "Four Stars" (from Soul Song)

      Best Classical Album
      Ensemble Amarcord - Hear the Voice and Prayer
      Runner-up: Lionheart - Palestrina: Soul of Rome

      Best Classical Song
      Ensemble Amarcord - "Tenebrae" - (from Hear the Voice and Prayer)
      Runner-up: Lumen Valo - "Rest" - (from Gravity)

      Best Religious Album (tied for winner; no runner-up)
      Acappella - Hymns For All The Ages
      The Firemen - The Firemen

      Best Religious Song
      Tonic Sol-Fa - "Go Tell It On The Mountain" (from Style)
      Runner-up: Acappella - "In the Cross" (from Hymns for all the Ages)

      Best Holiday Album (tie for winner)
      Four Shadow - Flake
      Chanticleer - Christmas With Chanticleer
      Runner-up: The New Tradition Chorus - A Holiday Tradition

      Best Holiday Song
      Four Shadow - "That Time of Year" (from Flake)
      Runner-up: The New Tradition Chorus - "Peace on Earth/Little Drummer
      Medley" (from A Holiday Tradition)

      Best Comedy Song
      The Heebee-jeebees - "Arrest This Bearded Gentleman" (from
      Runner-up: Ron Feingold - "The Home Depot Song" (from Solo Effort)

      Best Song for Kids
      The Happy Campers - "Camp Minnie Mickey Medley" (from The Sing-Along
      Runner-up: Tonic Sol-Fa - "Scooby Doo, Where Are You?" (from Style)


      Best Male Collegiate Album
      UVA Hullabahoos - Xerox Nation
      Runner-up: Tufts Beelzebubs - Next

      Best Male Collegiate Song
      Tufts Beelzebubs - "Bills, Bills, Bills" (from Next)
      Runner-up: UNC Clef Hangers - "Father Figure" (from Elevation)

      Best Male Collegiate Soloist
      Mike Daguiso (for "I Want You Back") - UVA Academical Village People
      (from Room
      Runner-up: Jeff Hall (for "All Out of Love") - UVA Hullabahoos (from

      Best Male Collegiate Arrangement
      Tufts Beelzebubs (Ed Boyer) - "Bills, Bills, Bills" (from Next)
      Runner-up: Buffalo Chips (Eric Fosbury) - "Wild Wild West" (from

      Best Mixed Collegiate Album
      UPenn Off the Beat - Off the Beat
      Runner-up: Stanford Everyday People - Extended Play

      Best Mixed Collegiate Song
      USC SoCal VoCals - "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (from V3: Previously
      Runner-up: Washington University Mosaic Whispers - "Uninvited" (from
      the Grain)

      Best Mixed Collegiate Soloist
      Soneela Nonkani (for "Wade in the Water") - UPenn Counterparts (from
      Runner-up: Morgan Mcowen (for "I Will Love Again") - UPenn Off the
      Beat (from
      Off the Beat)

      Best Mixed Collegiate Arrangement
      USC SoCal VoCals (Julie Moffitt) - "Drive Me Crazy" (from V3:
      Runner-up: Stanford Harmonics (Jon Pilat) - "We Are In Love" (from

      Best Female Collegiate Album
      Indiana Ladies First - Ticket to Anywhere
      Runner-up: UVA Virginia Belles - Aurora

      Best Female Collegiate Song
      Duke Out Of The Blue - "Eve" (from Take Nine)
      Runner-up: Indiana Ladies First - "Ready to Run" (from Ticket to

      Best Female Collegiate Soloist
      Randi Reiner (for "Eve") - Duke Out of the Blue (from Take Nine)
      Runner-up: Rachael Stuarte (for "Always Be My Baby") - University of
      Chordials (from All Girls, All The Time)

      Best Female Collegiate Arrangement
      Indiana Ladies First (Stephanie Geber) - "Mya Mix" (from Ticket to
      Runner-up: Duke Out of the Blue (Randi Reiner) - "If You're
      Take Nine)

      Best High School Album
      School for Creative and Performing Arts Baby Grands - How Can I Keep
      Runner-up: Piedmont High School Troubadours - Steal Away
      Beth Olliges
      Editor, Contemporary A cappella News
      Secretary, CASA Board of Directors
      Kentucky Ambassador, CASA
    • DDoerr0911@AOL.COM
      Congratulations to my Illinois District brothers in the New Tradition Chorus for the CARA selection as runners-up for both Best Christmas Album and Best
      Message 2 of 2 , Apr 2, 2002
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        Congratulations to my Illinois District brothers in the New Tradition Chorus
        for the CARA selection as runners-up for both "Best Christmas Album" and
        "Best Christmas Song"! How very cool is that?? Way to go guys! Keep the up
        the great work!

        Dan Doerr

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