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  • Jerry Orloff
    30 March 2002 Greetings, Harmonetters - Family & Friends! Have you always secretly dreamed of singing for Jim Clancy, but you don t live in Texas? Did you know
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2002
      30 March 2002

      Greetings, Harmonetters - Family & Friends!

      Have you always secretly dreamed of singing for Jim Clancy,
      but you don't live in Texas? Did you know that you could
      sing for Jim for a week, and it doesn't matter WHERE you
      live, just as long as you can learn your music in time... and
      sing tenor, lead, bari or - especially - bass! What if it
      is an even more impossible dream: you'd love to sing for
      that tall & talented hunk of a man and his incredible
      director's hands...but you sing in a women's barbershop
      chorus? They'd never let you in the VM, even if you DID
      live in Dallas! Well, if you sing women's bass, you could
      sing bari or lead in the men's range for a week following
      those expressive hands (or tenor if your range is in the
      other three women's parts.)

      Do both you and your spouse sing barbershop, but you've
      never had the chance to sing in a chorus together? Here's
      your chance! There's even more! Have you enjoyed the
      humor of Dave LaBar on-stage, and wondered what he's
      like in person? Share not only the rehearsal and performance
      stage with Jim and Dave, but also dinners and sightseeing
      tours. And best of all, THIS group is limited in size, so
      the entire group won't be over 120; and we don't expect
      the chorus size to be over 60 (currently it's 40.)

      This is just to let you all know that we still have some staterooms
      available on our August 18-25 "Hawaiian Cruise" that will roam
      and make port in four of the Hawaiian Islands, with a side trip to
      Fanning Island, in the Republic of Kirbati. (Yes, those days at sea
      to and from Fanning Island are our "heavy" rehearsal days and
      non-singing spouses have to resign themselves to spending
      time on deck soaking up the sun or passing time attending the
      various craft classes, movies, jogging, card games, and so
      many fun activities.

      The list of songs is just about finalized, and the learning tapes
      are being created-- and scheduled to be mailed out in early May.
      (Sixteen of the singers already signed up for this cruise are
      returnees from the Alaska Cruise Chorus that Jim directed in
      2000; then it was a chorus of 300+, so now they want the chance
      to experience Jim's magic in a smaller chorus - only four or five
      rows of singers, instead of ten rows!)

      We can only hold the remaining reserved staterooms for
      another month or so, and if you are interested and want
      more information, contact me ASAP. Send your snail mail
      address, and I'll mail you all the details (color brochures, yet!).
      Cost starts at $999 per person, double occupancy (sure, that's
      an affordable inside cabin... but who spends that much time
      in their rooms at a barbershop event anyway?) - and you
      can cut the price down even more per person if you add a
      third, or even a fourth to your stateroom. (Can your whole
      quartet go?) *The $999 price includes the special barbershop
      package: a beautiful cruise shirt (which doubles as a chorus
      uniform), private cruise cocktail party reception, and the 8 or 9
      song arrangements plus learning tapes (produced by Jim Clancy
      and his VM crew, and by Brian Beck.)

      A bonus event! The night before we leave Honolulu on the
      cruise ship (Norwegian Cruise Lines brand new 14-deck
      luxury liner, the "MS STAR"), we'll have a dinner party
      '55th birthday' celebration with the Aloha Chapter
      barbershoppers, enjoying performances by their quartets
      and chorus as well as joining them in a few songs.

      Email me at <orloffs@...> to find out more
      on how you can sing for Jim and laugh with Dave! Or, phone
      me directly at (831) 688-0909. (Some of the details are also
      posted on the MHBQA website, under "Current News-
      Hawaii Cruise" at: www.mixedbarbershop.com

      We're looking forward to having more of you join us for
      another "adventure in barbershop harmony!"

      Mahalo and Aloha!

      Jerry Orloff
      Member, San Jose Chapter, FWD
      2002 Hawaii Barbershop Chorus Cruise Coordinator
      for Global Music Exchange
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