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  • Christopher Baker
    today i cleaned house on the webring. out of a total of 363 sites, 123 of them tested as Fails on the either the old-style webring code [pre-Yahoo] or the
    Message 1 of 35 , Jan 7, 2002
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      today i cleaned house on the webring. out of a total of 363 sites, 123 of
      them tested as "Fails" on the either the old-style webring code [pre-Yahoo]
      or the navbar code [Yahoo and/or post-Yahoo].

      the 123 sites that fail the basic link testing of their code placement have
      been suspended from the webring and notified via email to the last known
      email contact for that site. instructions and links were provided to get
      everyone back into the ring and testing "Passes" instead of failing or
      broken. only one site was deleted because it not only had no code, it had
      no site. that was an old Harmony, Inc., contest page from a few years back.

      there seems to be some confusion about which code to use. there also may be
      holes in the Yahoo code or an editing error or two at the page end. it
      doesn't take much to screw up a Java script [navbar] and your local
      Webmaster may need to get the navbar code again and re-enter it into your
      local page. it's also critical to have the code on the page that is
      registered with the Webring. if your code isn't on your home page, then
      your URL needs to be edited at the site edit link to wherever your code
      actually is. if it's on your Links page, then your registration info must
      reflect that page.

      the old-style code developed for the original webring and adapted for the
      BBS ring by the Cascade chapter when they started the ring can be found here:


      and all you do is substitute your site ID number where indicated and
      download and place the graphics in your site's images directory and alter
      that info in the code segment. personally, i like the old-style BBS ring
      setup much better than the navbar but it's your choice.

      the Webring will automatically test and suspend any site that the code
      isn't working on/can't be found on. if a site remains suspended for more
      than 30 days, it will be automatically deleted from the ring.

      each suspended site got email on how to correct their problems with the
      ring. automatic email will also be sent when the automatic system kicks in.
      if you get suspended and you have the code in place [this used to happen on
      Yahoo a lot], send email to the Ringmaster and i'll correct it manually. if
      your code is missing, damaged or in the wrong place, i'll work with you
      till it's fixed. i'm doing that now with two sites that came up lame in
      this morning's testing.

      if your chorus, quartet or BBS support site is not on the webring, i invite
      you to come on down. you can join by going to the site above or going to:


      any questions, please shoot them over.



      Bass, Surfside Chorus, Daytona Metro Chapter

      S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. Member # 280320

      Ringmaster, Barbershop Harmony Webring

      ICQ #7176473
    • Christopher Baker
      [a quarterly information repost for newcomers and old-timers. C.B.] For those of you who are the webmasters for your local or other Barbershop-related web
      Message 35 of 35 , Jun 8, 2010
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        [a quarterly information repost for newcomers and old-timers. C.B.]

        For those of you who are the webmasters for your local or other
        Barbershop-related web sites, only about 100 of you know about the
        Barbershop Harmony Webring. And of those 100 sites currently
        connected, about half of them don't have any direct control over
        their site listings within the Ring because they either failed to
        migrate their sites to the new webring system when it was un-Yahooed
        in 2001 or whoever signed their site up originally can't be found or
        lost the password to access their Ring info.

        If you're wondering what a webring is, you can visit:


        and find out but in a nutshell, a webring is a virtual circle in
        cyberspace with like-themed web sites along the circumference of that
        circle. Somebody goes to Gotcha's web site, for example, and there
        they see the BBS Harmony webring link. They have the option of going
        to the Ring Hub at:


        or they can use the Next or Previous or Random buttons to go to the
        Next, the Previous, or a Randomly selected site along the ring,
        relative to the site they started from around the ring.

        Clear? Well, it isn't really that complicated. If you start on any
        site in the webring and keep hitting the Next button on each site you
        go to after hitting Next, you will eventually come back to where you
        started [on the BBS Harmony Ring, this will take 118 Next clicks].

        That technical info aside, the purpose of this message is to:

        1. Invite all webmasters to join the Ring and thus promote their site;

        2. Invite all Barbershoppers to surf the BBS Harmony Ring;

        3. Advise existing webmasters to check their site info for accuracy;

        4. Notify webmasters without User IDs associated with their sites on
        the Ring to visit www.webring.com to establish one and then to email
        that User ID to me via the Ringmaster link on the BBS Harmony Hub
        page [or directly via this email address] so they can regain access
        to their site information for updates, corrections, or changes.

        There is also a Message Forum associated with the BBS Harmony ring
        which can be used for anything related to Barbershop. The Ring and
        Forum are NOT organization-specific. Any Barbershopper or
        Barbershop-related site is welcome to join the Ring or the Forum.
        There are quartets, choruses, and folks who provide services to same
        from around the world on this ring. Why not join them? Barbershop
        Harmony Society, Sweet Adelines, Inc., Harmony, Inc., BABS, SNOBS,
        etc., we got 'em all.

        There is no cost for this service. It is provided as a service by the
        owners of webring.com. The Barbershop Harmony Ring has existed since
        December of 1996 and was started by the Cascade Chorus in Oregon. The
        originators lost track of the Ring and its operation several years
        later when it was purchased from its creator [Sage Weil] by Yahoo.
        Yahoo gave it up a couple years ago and the BBS Ring was an orphan
        when webring.com was restarted under its current administration. I
        adopted the BBS Ring [I've run several rings for years] because it
        wasn't working or accepting new listings and got it running again.
        Cleaning it up has taken awhile and the last process is to get the
        unassociated sites reassociated with the webmasters of the sites
        lacking User IDs.

        So, now's the time to catch up and check in. Vocal Majority must
        have a web site? even the Barbershop Harmony Society, and Sweet
        Adelines International? There are alot of choruses, quartets,
        Districts, and other Barbershop organizations that aren't listed, yet.

        It doesn't cost anything or add to your spam load. File attachments
        are not permitted so you don't have to worry about any viruses
        sneaking through this list. You can use HTML code or SSNB [java
        based] links on your pages, whichever best fits your site's
        character. It's simple, painless and very useful. There are tons of
        help files and a live Ringmaster to assist in getting your site linked.

        If your group's webmaster isn't on Harmonet or the SING list, please
        forward them a copy of this message. It's good for every level of
        Barbershop from HQs down to the quartet level. We even have
        Barbershop providers [arrangers, music, equipment, etc.] on the ring
        so you could be surfing for hours and hours. [grin]

        And remember, it isn't my Ring. It's YOURS. I'm just the custodian at present.

        It's just another tool for getting your outfit seen [sometimes heard]
        around the world! Tell the Webmaster of your chorus's web site! Join us today.


        Getting back to BASSics...

        KTWWS! & HTW!


        Sunshine District Association of Chapters of the Barbershop Harmony
        Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

        Have you been to the Sunshine District MegaStore?


        Yahoo ID: cbaker84
        ICQ #7176473
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