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Re: Going "Dark"

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  • thebl00per@yahoo.com
    ... Hey, Steve! Let me tell you what MY chorus (it s so fun to say that about the great City of Lakes SAI chorus!) does during the Christmas holiday. We
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 30, 2001
      --- In bbshop@y..., "Sammonds, Steve" <ssammonds@e...> wrote:
      > I am toying around with [...] taking some time off after
      > particularly harried periods. [...] My idea is to give the chorus a
      > three-week hiatus for the remainder of May. We would still have
      > chapter meetings devoted to quartetting and maybe take the
      > opportunity to do some other fun things like chapter visitations.

      Hey, Steve! Let me tell you what "MY" chorus (it's so fun to say
      that about the great City of Lakes SAI chorus!) does during the
      Christmas holiday.

      We have our Christmas show (Dec 8 this year) and then have a Christmas
      party on our very next regularly scheduled meeting night (Monday,
      Dec 10 this year). We sing a bit and party hearty, and then take
      the next 3 Mondays off, returning on the first non-holiday Monday in
      January (Jan 7 in 2002).

      However, here's what we expect from our singers, in exchange for the
      time off. We hand out learning tapes and music at the Christmas
      party and each singer is expected to have this music committed to
      memory by the next rehearsal. This year, we are learning 4 songs
      for our Show Package in Nashville in Nov 2002. (By the way, we're
      using Sean Milligan's Learning-Tapes.com service for these tapes.
      I'll let you know how it works out for us.)

      The caveat is this. City of Lakes is a proud chorus with a tradition
      of working hard and an expectation of excellence in performance and
      contest. Thus, each singer is motivated to remain excellent and will
      not shirk their duty during the time off. I'm pretty sure that most
      choruses would experience some "fall off" with this kind of schedule,
      but it seems to work for COL.

      Hope this example gives you some insight into the problem.

      In Harmony,
      Brent Graham
      Director, City of Lakes (SAI)
      Baritone, Excalibur (SPEB)
      brent-a-graham @ excite.com <== use this for private replies
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