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  • Joe De Felice
    I and so many others are waging war on Cancer and we have recently lost some Barbershop Friends to many forms of cancer. Would it not be great to discover
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      I and so many others are waging war on Cancer and
      we have recently lost some Barbershop Friends to many forms of cancer.

      Would it not be great to discover that singing CAN cure Cancer.

      This article holds out great hope and specific results, and
      is sent in the spirit of Harmony and brotherhood, in the hope
      that it will help even one or possibly many in our singing community
      and also their families and friends.

      ShowGlow Joe DeFelice


      <http://www.healingmusic.org/Main/Newsletter/Science_Of_Sound.htm>This report

      Maman, a French composer and bio-energeticist
      explored and documented the influence of sound
      waves on the cells of the body. He was fascinated
      with energetic healing techniques, and wondered
      if we are really touched or even changed by
      music? If so, how deeply does sound travel into
      our bodies? He began a year-and-a-half study
      joined by Helene Grimal, an ex-nun who had left
      the convent to become a drummer. She supported
      herself by her profession as a biologist at the
      French national Center for Scientific Research in
      Paris. Together they studied the effect of low
      volume sound (30-40 decibels) on human cells.

      They mounted a camera on a microscope where they
      had placed slides of human uterine cancer cells.
      They proceeded to play various acoustical
      instruments (guitar, gong, xylophone as well as
      voice) for periods of twenty-minute duration,
      while they observed the affect on the cells.

      Cancer cells being destroyed by sound

      These pictures above were taken while a xylophone
      was used over a period of fourteen minutes
      playing the Ionian Scale (nine musical notes
      C-D-E-F-G-A-B- and C and D from the next octave
      above.) "The structure quickly disorganized.
      Fourteen minutes was enough time to explode the
      cell when I used these nine different
      frequencies", says Maman. The most dramatic
      influence on the cells came from the human voice
      when Maman sang the same scale into the cells. In
      this experiment the cancer cells experienced a
      total explosion within nine minutes.

      "The human voice carries something in its
      vibration that makes it more powerful than any
      musical instrument: consciousness…. It appeared
      that the cancer cells were not able to support a
      progressive accumulation of vibratory frequencies
      and were destroyed," reports Maman.

      His findings in the laboratory setting urged
      Maman to continue his study, but this time he
      chose to work with two breast cancer patients.
      Each woman committed to tone for three-and-a-half
      hours per day over a period of a month. In one
      case, the tumor vanished completely.

      The second woman underwent surgery to remove the
      tumor. Her surgeon reported that the tumor had
      reduced in size considerably, and had literally
      dried up. She recovered fully from the surgery
      and made a complete recovery. Maman’s explanation
      for this incredible phenomenon was substantiated
      by the photographs he had taken during his case studies.

      He says, "the cancer cells show evidence of cell
      nuclei incapable of maintaining their structure
      as the sound wave frequencies attack the cytoplasmic and nuclear membranes."

      The vibration of sound literally transforms the
      cell structure. As the voice intensifies and time
      passes with no break in sound, the vibratory rate
      becomes too powerful, and the cells cannot adapt
      or stabilize themselves. Therefore, the cell dies
      because it is not able to accommodate its
      structure and synchronize with the collection of
      sound. They cannot live in an atmosphere of
      dissonance and they cannot become resonant with
      the body. Therefore, the tumor cells destabilize,
      disorganize, disintegrate, explode and are
      ultimately destroyed in the presence of pure sound.

      DNA hears music and participates in the phenomena of awareness

      Ever since music has been used as therapy, people
      have suspected that acoustic vibrations have a
      direct or indirect influence on the human
      organism, but no scientific proof has ever been
      advanced. Indeed, there was not even a
      satisfactory theoretical approach. But with the
      work of Szent Gyorgyi and Herbert Frolich (both
      Nobel prize winners) and especially the recent
      work of Fritz Albert on the biology of light and
      electromagnetic inter-cellular bio-communication,
      we know today that the nucleated cells, by the
      way of physical and vibratory configuration of
      its DNA, is capable of picking up, storing and
      broadcasting information (that is to say order
      and neguentropy) about the environment. This
      suggests, amongst other things, that living
      matter organizes its environment, an idea which
      recalls the Gaia hypothesis of James Lovelock,
      1989) demonstrated that cells communicates with
      one another, coherently, by exchange of photon quanta.

      The order and coherence in matter

      Neguentropy or negentropy is a negative entropy
      without which no living system would be viable.
      By opposition to entropy which expresses an
      increase of disorder in the universe, negentropy
      is an impregnation of order and coherence into
      the structure of matter. In other terms,
      negentropy is a force of information that
      organizes the structures and functions of living
      systems, and participates in inter-cellular bio-communication.

      Chollet, former television documentary film
      producer has met with many remarkable man,
      including Krishnamurti, Karl Pribram, David Bohm,
      Fritjof Capra, Paul MacLean, and other wise
      though lesser-known people such as the Papuans of
      New Guinea, the aborigines of Australia, the
      medicine-men of North America and the Caribbean.
      These encounters inspired her to make the attempt
      to expand her cerebral faculties.

      Her quest led to a period of intense research
      that was to last over ten years, investigating
      the acoustical phenomena beyond the limits of
      human perception . During this research, her path
      crossed that of Lydie Ries, a biologist and Pr.
      Regis Dutheil, doctor and professor, co-director
      of the Louis de Broglie Foundation, who was
      working specifically on phonons, the particles
      that Albert Einstein had posited in his Theory of Relativity.

      Jacotte has spent the last 17 years in her studio
      creating what she calls Multidimensional Music.
      Her experiences with the sound were extraordinary
      to say the least. In 1985 Jacotte started to test
      the effect of her music on willing participants
      to see what healing properties the music
      contained. Blood samples were taken immediately
      before and after listening to Multidimensional
      music for one to one-and-one-half hours in
      private sessions or workshops. These tests
      repeatedly showed a spectacular increase up to
      one gram in the hemoglobin level of the blood
      samples. Resonance with the expanded
      consciousness field present in the music was
      inducing physiological, somatic transformations in blood makeup.



      Blood cells in a fresh sample. This sample has
      been given by a volunteer subject just before
      listening to MDM music for 1-1/2 hours.)

      Blood cells after 3 days (same sample as slide 1
      taken before a session of MDM kept for 3 days in
      a refrigerator. One can see that in slide 2 the
      white corpuscles have totally lost their form and "information".

      Blood cells after 3 days (sample taken from the
      same subject just after a session of MDM for
      1-1/2 hours.) One can see that in slide 3 the
      white corpuscles have retained their form and
      information despite 3 days of aging (after session of MDM).

      Jacotte says, "Unity of consciousness can be
      established or re-established by direct contact
      between the music and the person experiencing it,
      which releases emotional knots and what might be
      called "cysts" in the parasympathetic system. It
      may be observed that, in resonance with
      Multidimensional Music, these phenomena tend to
      disintegrate, and the effects is communicated
      from cell to cell throughout connected system.
      The re-balancing of potentials along the
      meridians of acupuncture is also noted. The
      effects are physical, psychic and holistic .The
      phenomenon, originating with cellular perception
      of vibrations, is translated in part by
      increasingly specific sensations which correspond
      to a holistic self awareness."


      Maman, Fabien (1997), The Role of Music in the
      Twenty-First Century, Redondo Beach, CA.

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