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Re: [bbshop] "Do It Yourself" DVD for Marketing Performance to Convention Planners

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  • nlstarks
    Thanks, Stephen, that was helpful! Norm Starks Sent from my iPad ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
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      Thanks, Stephen, that was helpful!
      Norm Starks

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      On Apr 26, 2013, at 6:55 AM, "Stephen Rafe" <rapport1@...> wrote:

      > Hi Folks --
      > If you are planning to put together a video for marketing your chorus's
      > services to convention planners, here's a format you might consider.
      > (I've worked with several corporate and association clients on developing
      > the content for their videos and coaching their narrators -- including
      > Fortune 100 CEOs and Board Chairmen.)
      > The video should be no longer than 60 seconds.
      > 1 -- Start with a "banner" on screen with the chorus singing but not seen.
      > 2 -- Fade down the singing volume as narrator begins a 20-second "sales
      > pitch" geared 100% to convention planners' needs and interests.
      > 3 -- Gradually bring up "live" image of chorus singing in performance
      > uniforms.
      > 4 -- Continue that for at least a full music phrase.
      > 5 -- Fade down the singing (still onscreen) and bring up the narrator's
      > voice (off screen).
      > 6 -- Narrator's dialogue tells the convention planner how to contact you for
      > more information.
      > 7 -- Fade down the visual of the chorus singing (with volume low) as you
      > bring up the contact information on screen in full visual.
      > 8 -- Fade out the audio and the video.
      > It's important to have a professional label on the DVD as well as a
      > professional insert for the case. First impressions, you know.
      > Caution: It's a mistake to try to use one DVD for more than one purpose. If
      > you want to use a DVD for recruitment, make a separate one. A shortcut for
      > doing that is to keep all of the above but change the narrator's text at #2
      > and #6 and change the onscreen text at #7. It should be geared totally to a
      > potential member's needs and interests. (I.e., It should "tell" what's in it
      > for the viewer if he were to become a member. It should use a "you"
      > approach, rather than a "we/us" approach. And the content should focus their
      > key, internal motivators -- The desire to make a difference. The desire to
      > serve. To master a challenge. The desire to do something just for the fun of
      > it or the mere satisfaction of doing it.
      > Hope this is helpful.
      > Stephen

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