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How about parents?

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  • David
    Recently, I heard someone lamenting that despite an active Youth in Harmony program in our area, we hadn t gotten any new members from it. I wasn t
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2013
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      Recently, I heard someone lamenting that despite an active "Youth in Harmony" program in our area, we hadn't gotten any new members from it. I wasn't surprised, since high school students are in a period of rapid transition, and I view the coaching I've done for the program more as planting seeds for the future than looking for recruits in the present.

      But then I thought, what about the parents? My dad got me into barbershopping, but it doesn't have to go in that direction. My daughter got me into community theater. When she joined their youth theater program, my volunteering for productions that she was in led directly to my first audition for one of their adult plays. And many of their most active adult theater members got involved in that same fashion.

      So, has anyone had success in getting parents of Youth in Harmony participants involved? Anyone have clever ways of getting the folks up and singing too? Perhaps a combined parent/child ensemble? Kids who sing usually got it from their parents, and who knows, you just might get both of them!

      Before I start diving in and "reinventing the wheel", I was wondering what other people had tried, and how successful it was.

      Dave Garstang
      San Diego Sun Harbor Chorus
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