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Re: [bbshop] Re: Remaking our SPEBSQSA (BHS) Structure

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  • Tom Schleier
    Our director, for a guest night, said 50% of our members can t read music, and the rest can t read at all! Got a big laugh. Tom Schleier
    Message 1 of 14 , Apr 2, 2013
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      Our director, for a guest night, said 50% of our members can't read music, and the rest can't read at all!

      Got a big laugh.

      Tom Schleier

      On Apr 2, 2013, at 6:41 PM, Marti Lovejoy <lovejoymar@...> wrote:

      > Someone mentioned that they had the chorus members raise their hands if
      > they didn't read music at the end of the show and got a gasp from the
      > audience. Well, I can tell you one thing - those super choruses also
      > have many men (or women) who don't read music.
      > The exalted audition that many of these super choruses have consists of
      > determining if the person can sing in the right key after being started
      > on a simple song (yes, I know some go a little further, but they have
      > earned the right).
      > I think you'd find a whole passle of singers in the Vocal Majority or
      > Masters of Harmony, etc., who wouldn't be comfortable singing a solo -
      > that's why they sought out a group-singing experience. They get their
      > jollies by adding to a terrific performing ensemble and they work very
      > hard (probably on their own, between chapter meetings) in order to sure
      > they are contributing to the VERY best of their ability.
      > One of the better SAI coaches I every heard said it's all about "being
      > great in a group." And great doesn't have to be A level or even B level
      > - it's just guys (or ladies) singing mostly in tune, correct words and
      > notes, with lots of enthusiasm. I don't think that's too much to ask.
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