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Re: March 2013 Top 10 Harmonet Posting Statistics

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  • bandit7577
    Derick -- I would LOVE to join a chapter but, as I have said before, my work and personal situation really prohibit it. I am forced to support the Society
    Message 1 of 11 , Apr 1, 2013
      Derick --
      I would LOVE to join a chapter but, as I have said before, my work and personal situation really prohibit it. I am forced to support the Society through my dues to the Frank Thorne Chapter, and the LOL district, anything else that would normally go to a chapter I try to make up for by contributing to Harmony Foundation so that the hobby can perpetuate.

      I have been an active member in three chapters. I can still remember the day the Cecil Nalls (may he rest in peace) invited a young USAF Staff Sergeant to his first meeting of the Commodore Chorus. My first convention was a Southern Division convention where after I sang the the back of my butt never touched the back of my chair as I watched all the quartets and choruses perform.

      I went to Korea and sang in a quartet. I was active for years in the New Horizons Chorus. War broke out (no politics please) and I retired and moved back to Minnesota and joined the Willmar Chapter but my new career of looking for work interfered.

      I lurked for a few years until I realized that I needed to support Barbershop Harmony anyway I could and now I am a Frank Thorne member.

      I have emailed the EVP of LoL about a couple of ideas to help me be active again and further the hobby and have asked for some guidance.

      Those of us that are members of that "ubiquitous chapter named for Frank Thorne", some of whom have competed on the International stage, may be doing more for the Society, in general, than you know.

      Doug Johnson
      Robbinsdale, Minnesota

      --- In bbshop@yahoogroups.com, Derick Sturke <dericksturke@...> wrote:
      > I want to be fair, and not engage in the finger pointing or name calling
      > or any that has been rightfully denounced in this long running, and very
      > emotional thread.
      > However, I made an observation based on Ed Headley's post that I think
      > needs to be at least entered into the discussion. I want to assure all
      > that I am not "calling out" Mr. Headley, as I don't know his
      > circumstances that I will highlight with my point.
      > Ed suggest that he wants to be included in any future discussions
      > regarding a "game plan", and all of us are free to do so as we help our
      > hobby. And good discussions happen here, even if they need to be
      > reined in a bit!
      > From the first of my days in this hobby, when Everett Nau would come
      > visit, all through Chuck Greene's approach and beyond, it has been
      > emphasized that most of the work happens on the chapter level, no matter
      > what Nashville (and Kenosha prior) and the great folks at HQ do. I
      > still believe that, and view my good friends at Nashville as a support
      > resource to answer questions and throw in a few ideas to supplement
      > those on the "ground level".
      > Based on that, I noted Mr. Headley is a member of that ubiquitous
      > chapter named for Frank Thorne. Again, I don't know Ed Headley's
      > specific situation, but how many members of our Society are unaffiliated
      > with any chapter -- community or highly competitive -- yet want to tell
      > the Society how to improve. I would say to ANY barbershopper, JOIN A
      > CHAPTER! Be that spark-plug that might get a recalcitrant chapter on
      > the move again. Show that the theoretical ideas that one might want to
      > offer be put in practice in "real time" at the chapter level.
      > Look in the recent Harmonizers and see how some chapters are highlighted
      > for their growth and advancement. Maybe by being that spark plug, take
      > what would be mere theory sent to Nashville... and prove it in the rank
      > and file.
      > Derick Sturke
      > *Proprietor, I C
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      > Bass, **Golden Valley Chorus <http://www.gvc.org/>
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      > *Bass, Marketing Team, Sunshine Committee **American River Chorus
      > <http://www.americanriverchorus.org/>**/Voices of California
      > ***
      > ****
      > On 4/1/2013 12:44 PM, Edward Headley wrote:
      > >
      > > A quality discussion of all the 'topics' at the core of this 'thread'
      > > are warranted. I could write volumes about several of these issues but
      > > this isn't the forum....if I had the answers to the most critical of
      > > all these issues( i.e. RECRUITING and RETENTION issues) that the
      > > BHS(i.e. SPEBSQSA_) is facing...I surely would share them !
      > > Please include me in any future discussions regarding a 'game plan' to
      > > improve retention especially.....these are the foundation pillars of
      > > the Society.....all of the rest of these issues can be dealt with in
      > > the future, but if we can't recruit and retain members now, we won't
      > > be around 'long enough' as an organization to effectively deal with
      > > the rest of the problems being discussed since the inception of this
      > > current thread.
      > > Best Regards,
      > >
      > > Ed Headley
      > > Bass, Frank Thorne Chapter / NED
      > >
      > > --- On Mon, 4/1/13, Stephen Rafe <rapport1@...
      > > <mailto:rapport1%40verizon.net>> wrote:
      > >
      > > From: Stephen Rafe <rapport1@... <mailto:rapport1%40verizon.net>>
      > > Subject: Re: [bbshop] March 2013 Top 10 Harmonet Posting Statistics
      > > To: "Tom Schleier" <fredsdad2001@...
      > > <mailto:fredsdad2001%40yahoo.com>>, bbshop-owner@yahoogroups.com
      > > <mailto:bbshop-owner%40yahoogroups.com>
      > > Cc: bbshop@yahoogroups.com <mailto:bbshop%40yahoogroups.com>
      > > Date: Monday, April 1, 2013, 1:43 PM
      > >
      > > Since it's evident that someone believes there's something wrong with
      > > some quantity measure of posting, and I have been singled out, please
      > > keep in mind that the majority of my posts were responses to the other
      > > 90+ posted by others -- most of which called for a direct response
      > > from me And we should also note that these were in response to a topic
      > > I initiated. It could also be noted that several of my posts were
      > > simply one-line responses.
      > >
      > > We might also whether measuring quantity is more important than having
      > > a quality discussion of a topic that lies at the core of our hobby's
      > > future.
      > >
      > > Stephen
      > >
      > > STEPHEN RAFE
      > >
      > >
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