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Re: [bbshop] Disinfecting microphones, et al

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  • Stephen Rafe
    They all need cleaning IMO. And don t forget the barrels. If you re ever in a gig of any kind where there are no stands you ll be holding the mics barrels and
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      They all need cleaning IMO. And don't forget the barrels. If you're ever in a gig of any kind where there are no stands you'll be holding the mics barrels and chances are those who have precede you have touched stuff that can carry some pretty nasty "bugs."

      Further to this topic as I keep digging into the research:.

      "Microphones can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Microphones are used in front of our mouths. They are spit on, sneezed on and handled from the top down. The germs and viruses left on a microphone can remain infectious for as long as 48 hours or more depending on how much moisture is present."

      So take care of the microphones' barrels --not just the heads.

      "It is generally believed that cold and flu viruses survive for longer periods on nonporous surfaces - such as plastic, metal or wood - than they do on porous surfaces - such as fabric or paper. Although cold and flu viruses primarily spread from person-to-person contact, they can also spread from contact with contaminated objects or surfaces."


      BTW -- I am about to buy my own mic (for non-barbershop singing). Which of these four brands should I purchase? Shure, Sennheiser, Audio Technica or AKG?

      Thanks --

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      Put tape on the stage where you want the singers to stand. The microphones that may need cleaning are some radio station microphones like the RE20's

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