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Re: [Spam] [bbshop] Re: what cures singing flat?

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  • Stephen Rafe
    Hi Jim, and All -- Those catch- breaths -- as my sports-medicine-physician friend calls them -- can be troublesome indeed. He relates the need to lung
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      Hi Jim, and All --

      Those "catch- breaths" -- as my sports-medicine-physician friend calls
      them -- can be troublesome indeed. He relates the need to lung capacity and
      connects that with age, weight, gender, health, conditioning, diet, and
      other factors. He suggests a variety of ways to address this even though
      singers may be together only a few hours a week.

      For those who are willing to work at it, he offers the following: Sit tall
      but comfortably. Blow out all the air from your lungs and then try to blow
      out just a bit more. Then let your stomach relax as you inhale and think of
      the image of filling your belly with air. Now, hold that and try to inhale
      even more air as you think of "topping off the tank." Hold that breath until
      you feel the need to exhale. Do so slowly. As you do, relax your rib cage
      and chest as you pull your stomach muscles in to try to force even more air
      out. Do this for three reps; rest for a full minute, then repeat the entire
      process three more times.

      Also, when any of the above factors are present and can't seem to get
      resolved, one alternative is to plan for the need for more breaths and build
      them into the arrangement in places that will seem natural. This is
      especially helpful in quartetting.


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      From: James Botelle
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      In our lead section, I recently have made the discovery that some singers,
      with less experience, have a tendency to "check out" when they breathe.
      There's a natural pitch at which we speak. I have found a few guys reverting
      to that pitch when they grab a breath and having to quickly adjust up to the
      note where they should be.

      One needs to keep the existing note or the following note in mind when
      taking a quick breath so you're not pulling down on the notes.

      And, yes, this is my non-competitive chorus.

      Jim Botelle
      Lead, Carroll County and Dundalk, MD Chapters
      Former lead of Gentlemen's Blend quartet M-AD finalists 2003-4

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