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Re: Kringles at Christmas

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  • Stephen Rafe
    http://tinyurl.com/b9a3dhu ... From: Stephen Rafe To: Harmonet Cc: Joe Liles
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 6, 2012

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      Subject: Re: Kringles at Christmas

      > Since the photo didn't show up, here's a shortened URL that will take you
      > to several sites and photos.
      > Stephen
      > .
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      > Subject: Kringles at Christmas
      >> Each year at this time, without fail, I am reminded of a meeting in
      >> Racine,
      >> WI, about twenty years ago when Joe Liles introduced me to "Kringles."
      >> These Danish pastries have been special to Racine since the Danish bakers
      >> introduced them there in the late 1800s. Butter layered and almond
      >> filled,
      >> they are absolutely the most delicious coffee cakes anyone would want at
      >> Christmas -- or any other time of year. I've pasted in a picture of one.
      >> Hopefully you'll all be able to see it.
      >> How good are they? A story circulates that Racine resident, Lars Larson,
      >> was
      >> on his deathbed in an upstairs bedroom. His doctor had said Lars would
      >> last
      >> for only a matter of hours. Lars woke from a deep sleep and sniffed the
      >> aroma of freshly baked kringles his wife had just brought home from the
      >> bakery. Wit that, Lars was rejuvenated. "If I could just have one last
      >> piece
      >> of kringle before I die, all would be well.
      >> Pulling together all his remaining strength, he slowly he made his way
      >> down
      >> the stairs, into the kitchen, and over to the two kringles on the
      >> counter.
      >> Just as he was reaching over to take a piece, his wife walked into the
      >> room,
      >> swatted his hand away and exclaimed:
      >> "Don't touch that!" "We're saving these for your funeral."
      >> Stephen
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