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EVG EAST Regional RLA is coming JANUARY 19! Have YOU signed up yet?

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  • Matthew
    Presidents, Secretaries, Chapter VP s, Treasurers and anyone who s interested in leading: It s that time. Chapter officers for next year are now hopefully
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2 10:05 PM
      Presidents, Secretaries, Chapter VP's, Treasurers and anyone
      who's interested in leading:

      It's that time. Chapter officers for next year are now hopefully
      elected and you'll have some new men in place. Or maybe you've
      held your office for a year or two-and want to see what's new. Maybe
      you're just interested in what a particular office does (or is
      supposed to do). It might even be you're looking for some creative
      leadership ideas.

      I'm telling you, the Evergreen District has a deal for you.

      We've already had a great Western Regional RLA. A great time, great
      classes and faculty-now here's your chance!

      The Leadership Academy this year for Divisions III and V are heading for
      Spokane, WA. FIVE BHS accredited instructors will be sharing ideas for
      Chapter Secretaries, Music and Performance VP's, Chapter Treasurers,
      and Membership VP's...and we are offering a brand new, fresh out of
      the box track in Leadership. It's not just for Presidents, it's
      for EVERYONE who wants to be a leader. Also good for your board members
      at large, directors, assistant directors, and anyone else interested.

      For $65 per person you'll get great training, a continental breakfast,
      and a box-type lunch. The RLA will be held in Spokane and is January 19,
      2013 from 8:30 AM thru 5:00 PM, at the Millwood Community Presbyterian
      Church, 3223 N. Marguerite Rd, Spokane, WA. The cutoff date for this
      event is January 14, 2013.

      The cutoff dates are firm, so our hosts can get an accurate number of
      lunches. Please note: If you're from Divisions I, II and IV, you should
      attend this if you missed out in November.

      Because of the nature of these events-being somewhat larger-there is no
      discount pricing this year for less than attendees from the same
      chapter. If you bring seven attendees or more, the price drops to $58.
      However, as always, this is a legitimate chapter expense. ALL PRICES ARE
      IN U.S. DOLLARS.

      If you have questions, or want to sign up, please send an e-mail to
      drmatthewcrandall9@... <mailto:drmatthewcrandall9@...> or
      call me at 541-517-1305. I'll need your name, chapter name, names of
      the men coming with you, and a check made out to the Evergreen District.

      In Harmony,

      "Doc" Crandall, Director of Education

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