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New England Harmony Brigade-Update

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  • Lee Daum
    Dear Fellow Barbershoppers: I wanted to give you an update on the upcoming New England Harmony Brigade Rally. The New England Harmony Brigade has been accepted
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 24, 2011
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      Dear Fellow Barbershoppers:

      I wanted to give you an update on the upcoming New England Harmony Brigade

      The New England Harmony Brigade has been accepted as an official subsidiary
      of the Barbershop Harmony Society, and our first weekend of non-stop
      quartetting is scheduled for September 14-16, 2012. We are really excited!

      We've narrowed down the site possibilities to just two or three, and it
      looks like it will be either in Marlborough Mass or in Boxborough Mass -
      squarely in Central Massachusetts to make it as convenient as possible for
      barbershoppers from all over the Northeast and Canada. (You don't have to
      live in the area to attend, the weekend is open to Barbershoppers from
      around the world.)

      Applications have started coming in and space is filling up rapidly.

      I hope you will join us at this inaugural event. You will enjoy learning
      your music, as the learning tracks are prepared by the likes of Tim Waurick
      and Simon Rylander among others, so you will be learning from the best.

      We have packed the weekend with as much activity as is possible. The
      random-draw quartet competition on Friday night is great fun, singing for
      local schools the day before the event is a thrill, and on Saturday night
      the entire brigade will sing for the public in a show as a one-time-only
      100+ man chorus. Want to sing on the show in a quartet? Just grab three
      guys you sound good singing with, audition on Saturday morning, and you
      could be on stage Saturday night!

      As you can see, to be fair to your fellow attendees, coming unprepared is
      not an option. The musical arrangements will be challenging, but exciting
      to learn and sing. Arrive well prepared and I promise you a weekend of
      non-stop quartetting like you have never experienced before!

      Jim Coates, NED Music Vice President said;

      "Thank you on behalf of myself and of the NED for making this dream I have
      had for a couple of years into a reality. Please know that you will have
      enriched the lives of many barbershoppers by your efforts, and I am
      convinced that this will have a long term positive effect on the NED."

      To make our event as successful as possible, we need your participation. If
      you are in a quartet and all four members attend, you will go home with
      twelve great new songs in your repertoire. If you are not in a quartet,
      don't be surprised if you find yourself singing with three other guys who
      might be interested in forming one - and with twelve songs in common, you
      could be accepting bids the next day!

      Please send in your application now; space is strictly limited. You can
      obtain more information, as well as a prospectus and application on our web
      site, http://www.nehb.net .

      Thanks for your consideration, and I hope to be singing with you in the
      Fall. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

      Yours, In Harmony,

      Lee Daum, President

      New England Harmony Brigade


      35 George St.

      Arlington, MA 02476


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