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Harlan Wilson is turning 80 this weekend!!

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  • Todd Wilson
    Dear fans of barbershop music, In a lifetime of milestone events, including the Suntones 50th Anniversary performances in KC this summer, my dad is adding yet
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26 6:39 AM
      Dear fans of barbershop music,

      In a lifetime of milestone events, including the Suntones 50th
      Anniversary performances in KC this summer, my dad is adding yet
      another this weekend. On Sunday, August 28, he will be 80 years old.
      Friends and family are gathering at his home tomorrow afternoon to
      celebrate, including the members of Nashville Singers. He has touched
      many lives over the years through five decades with the Suntones, as a
      coach, and as a director of several fine choral ensembles. I would be
      grateful if you would send a congratulatory message to him via email

      His address is harlanwilson@.... If you BCC me at
      stixtenor@..., I'll do my best to read as many of these messages
      as I can TOMORROW at his birthday party.

      I've posted his bio below to highlight some of his experiences.

      HARLAN WILSON is an entertainer, ensemble singer, soloist, choral
      director and vocal coach. He has vast experience in producing and
      directing live concert performances, as well as performing over two
      thousand a cappella singing concerts with the Suntones, the Barbershop
      Harmony Society's 1961 International Quartet Champion. Harlan served
      for many years as a faculty member of various Harmony Education
      Programs all over North America, as well as seven yeas on the faculty
      at Harmony College. His choral directing resume includes 20 years as
      Musical Director of the Coastmen Chorus, based in Palm Beach County,
      Florida. Under his leadership, the group won the Florida State
      Championships six times. They also competed 10 times at the
      International level, earning Bronze Medal Award. Harlan is the member
      of a select group of men who have earned International Medals as a
      quartet singer and as a Chorus Director. He served as Director of
      Music for the Royal Palm Show Chorus, also of South Florida. This
      group also competed at the International level. Harlan founded and
      directed The Vocal Gentry Ensemble Singers in South Florida and was
      associated with the Music Men of Greater Asheville, North Carolina.
      Harlan and his son, Todd, were the first father/son International
      Quartet Champions in the history of the Barbershop Harmony Society. In
      1986, Harlan was inducted into the Sunshine District Hall Fame. In
      2005, the Suntones were inducted into the Barbershop Harmony Society's
      Hall of Fame. He and his wife, Sandy relocated to Nashville in April
      of 2008. Aside from occasional appearances with the Suntones, Harlan
      is still very active. He sings baritone with Nashville Singers, and
      serves the group as a mentor and performance coach.

      If you're on Facebook, please spread the word about this email
      campaign of good wishes to your other barbershop friends around the


      Another giant in barbershop is celebrating a birthday this weekend;
      none other than Suntones tenor singer Gene Cokeroft. Feel free to send
      some love Gene's way via his email address: geneiris@.... Though
      he's NOT 80, he's awful special to me too.

      Thanks a million!

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