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Re: Increasing Buffer

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  • Michael Baribeau
    Some more youtube suggestions is don t use full screen and when you move the mouse over the video and the status bar pops up and at the right has setting
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 30, 2011
      Some more youtube suggestions is don't use full screen and when you move the mouse over the video and the status bar pops up and at the right has setting numbers, hold your mouse over the number and then if it gives you options select the smallest number. If you're trying to play from a smart phone and it takes you to a youtube page at the bottom of the image is an HQ (High Quality) button, if it's highlighted then tap it to unselect it. If you smart phone dosn't go to the youtube page but straight to the video, on mine while playing if I tap the screen the status bar pops up and in the upper righ corner an HQ button is visible and if selected it has a green dot in it and if I tap it the green dot goes away and is no longer high quality and the video starts over at the lower grade (smaller image) setting.

      If you're trying to play the International's contest webcast I'm not sure if there's a difference between live and delay viewing in this regard but here's some relevant Q&A from...


      Q: I can't see any video or hear audio. It's cutting in and out. My picture is freezing or skipping.

      A: #1 Make sure you have Flash 10 installed on your computer. Go to the Home page on bhs-live.com and click on the Flash Player Test link. At the bottom of the page there is a Get Adobe Flash Player button. Click on that and follow the directions.

      A: #2 Make sure that you are not on a wireless network. It's better to use a wired internet connection. Just plug in a network cable into the back of the wireless hub, and then to the computer.
      Also, sometimes it just depends on time of day and traffic on the internet if you are using a cable network. For example, there might be more people using the internet on a Friday night rather than Friday afternoon.

      A: #3 One thing to consider when viewing live audio video streaming from the Web, is the use of web content filtering software such as McAfee Web Gateway or Symantec 360. These products are designed to protect individuals from malware, identity theft etc., which exists throughout the Internet. We don't in any way suggest that our viewers disable these products (if installed), rather we recommend checking the filter settings in these products to ensure that audio visual content is not being subjected to a "state-full" packet inspection.

      We have seen where content of this type can sometimes be flagged as suspect, and the protection software will attempt to safeguard a PC as a result. Once again, we DO NOT recommend disabling these products, just check them to validate if the RTMP protocol is being allowed.

      Q: I'm having a hard time viewing the test video.

      A: Some things you can check:

      - Try Refreshing your browser.
      - Desktop/Laptops - Make sure you have the most recent version of Flash Player Flash does not support old version of windows. You need to have Windows XP newer to run Flash.
      - Mobile devices should be updated with their most recent software.
      - Are you able to view videos on YouTube (www.youtube.com)? YouTube uses Flash and is another way to test.

      Michael Baribeau

      --- In bbshop@yahoogroups.com, "bb704" <Bb704@...> wrote:
      > I am having difficulty watching a 3-4 minute performance without buffering 7-8 times. Can someone direct me how to check some setting on my computer to see if I can get rid of this problem? I am relatively computer-stupid, so be specific on directions.
      > Thanks!!!
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