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PC Overtones

I sent the following inquiry to Mr. S. in response to his several learned epistles to the net (and Mr. H) re: PC Overtones discussion: "How old are you - and
Dick Johnson
6:41 PM

Re: More Racist Overtones

I guess the amazing music from Sound of Illinois should not have been allowed on International stage? Give me a break, what amazing songs we have available to
Kit Grabowski
6:38 PM

Re: Reply PC Overtones 7/2

Hey Shelley, Over the years we have agreed on so many things that I hate to nit-pick. You are absolutely right that the Civil War was about slavery. Early
John Witmer
6:37 PM

Re: Fwd: Re: [bbshop] PC Overtones

I think this says a lot. Thanks Brian Lynch! (Copied from BHS Website) *CURMUDGUCATION* *: Stop
Kit Grabowski
6:35 PM

Westminster 2d Song

Can someone please email me privately and let me know the name of the fellow who directed the first half of the second Westminster song? Only Justin was named
Bob Sutton
9:03 AM

Re: Reply PC Overtones 7/2

... Bob, quite the contrary. I love history including American history. I want us to remember history and preserve it. Unfortunately, some of American history
Mark Schuldenfrei
5:08 AM

Lake Lanier GA Bulletin

Enjoy if you so desire. Just click on the below link, or if you must, place link in browser and hit enter!. If this don't work let me know and I will send the
Jack W. Martin
9:01 PM

Re: Reply PC Overtones 7/2

Thank you Shelley!!I am so sick and tired of PC people trying to change or ignore our history.  Calling those songs, cleaned up coon songs is much more
Robert Farnham
8:52 PM

Fwd: Re: [bbshop] PC Overtones

So, should we tell Pookie Dingle that he shouldn't have sung "Old Black Joe" on Wednesday? After all, it wasn't "cleaned up" even ... I thought it was a
Marti Lovejoy
Jul 2

Re: Reply PC Overtones 7/2

... Oh, Shelley - that sort of argument worked *so* well for Bill Clinton, didn't it? :-) We both know, or can reasonably determine, whether a song had racist
Mark Schuldenfrei
Jul 2

In Memory of James Sabina, Tenor of Metropolis

Hello, all - As many of you may have already heard, James Sabina passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last week. It was a great shock to all of us and in the
Jul 2

Reply PC Overtones 7/2

It depends what your definition of a 'cleaned up coon song' is, and how you arrive at the fact that it is a 'coon song' in the first place. Is Swanee a 'coon
Shelley Herman
Jul 2

Re: PC Overtones

... Shelley (and, mostly, other people still reading - if any). If people feel hurt or offended, I've never seen it work to tell them "don't be that way" or
Mark Schuldenfrei
Jul 2

Re: More Racist Overtones

... When people make an "if this goes on" argument, it is called a Slippery Slope fallacy. The answer to it is "can you tell the difference between one step,
Mark Schuldenfrei
Jul 2

learning tracks for Mo Rector's arrangement of Just a Closer Walk

Does anybody know where I can find learning tracks for Mo Rector's arrangement of "Just a Closer Walk With Thee"? Gary Davis Land of Lincoln Chorus
Gary W Davis
Jul 2
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