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Harmony Brigade Scholarships Available Harmony Brigade Scholarships Available: For qualified male singers ages 18 to 28. Attend the North Carolina Harmony Brigade 2015 A weekend of participatory
7:11 PM
2014 Society Board Member Applications open until 1 May 2014 Nominations open for Society Board of Directors; apply by May 1, 2014 Candidates for this Society Board position are asked to complete an application form and
Greg Caetano
4:36 PM
Sweet Adelines Brooklyn Chorus seeks new director The Brooklyn Chorus of Sweet Adelines International is searching for a new director. We are a small women’s chorus singing four-part barbershop a cappella
4:34 PM
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Lemon Squeezy's Love Letters? Hey y'all.. does anyone know who did the arrangement of Love Letters as sung by Lemon Squeezy?
Apr 14
Music City Chorus Show Harmonetters: The Nashville, TN Music City Chorus would like to invite our barbershop friends to our annual show on Saturday, April 26! The show is entitled
Robert Davenport
Apr 14
Want to sing more than 2 songs at International? www.Harmonyplatoon.org Hamony Platoon is perfect for CHORUS COMPETITORS who want to sing more than their chorus package all week. There are four stand-alone
Dr. Donald Salz
Apr 13
Re: SLD Results Here's the District Quartet Finals scores. Only scoresheet I have seen on Facebook so far. 1 - Fusion - 1762; 73.4 2 - J.A.M. - 1673; 69.7 3 - Speakeasy
Linda Noble
Apr 13
SLD Results Anybody have quartet scores for SLD? Rich
Rich Galdi
Apr 13
Sunday Nights with Vinny 04132014 7:00 PM Netters: Tonight at 7:00 We'll be playing Easter, Passover, Tributes to The Boston Common & a happy 90th Birthday to one of th most underrated singers of the
Apr 13
2 Great Tickets for International in Las Vegas FOR SALE Hi, I have two tix for International to sell that I will not be using. Great floor seats. I will sell them individually or together. These are at the "Early
James Bentsen
Apr 12
Re: Fw: Re: Sorry but this looks like someone's email is HACKED....I'll not open it. Chuck ... From: firengn2@... To: bbshop
Apr 12
Fw: Re: Hello! News: http://liushengyy.com/ut/wnews.php firengn2@...
Apr 12
TOMORROW: Golosa at Chicago Russian Literary Salon! Somewhat off-topic since this is not barbershop but it is a cappella and, trust me (I once sang with them) they sing with abandon in a true Russian folksong
Alexander Boltenko
Apr 11
Cecilia - URGENT Hello Brothers... I URGENTLY need to locate LEGALLY PURCHASED 'Interstate Rivals' arrangements of "Cecilia"... Please contact me ASAP if you can help in any
Harry T. Haflett
Apr 10
Cecilia - Urgent Hi Brothers. .. I need your help...  I need to locate 4 LEGALLY OBTAINED copies of the "Interstate Rivals" arrangement of "CECILIA"... please contact me ASAP
Apr 10
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Houston Horizon Chorus - Director Search Continues! Are YOU a perfect fit? A Certified Director? A background in musical education? A proven track record? HOUSTON HORIZON CHORUS, still flying high from last
Karla Fenton
Apr 10
Loudoun County Virginia chapter guest night Folks, Please come and join my friends with the Chorus of the Old Dominion for a fantastic and fun night of singing, fellowship, fun and refreshments on May 1,
Apr 9
Music Monday May 5, 2014 Invitation INVITATION TO BARBERSHOPPERS AND OTHER SINGERS Note Barbershop arrangements are available at www.musicmonday.ca http://www.musicmonday.ca/ at no cost) I am
Apr 9
Barbershop Harmony Society - Las Vegas Convention Exhibits, Program In just a few short months, the Barbershop Harmony Society will be gathering for their 76th Convention and Contest in Las Vegas! This promises to be one of the
Lindsay Chartier
Apr 9
BQPA/Pioneers Quartetting Festival Starts Wednesday Just a last reminder about the Barbershop Quartet Preservation Association / Pioneers do-it-yerself quartetting festival is this week, Wednesday through
Tom Noble IV
Apr 8
Re: Chord Huskers & Three Buds and a Thorn Freeman Groat said: " I'm sorry that I'm not sure I can provide any help in the pictures etc. category, but maybe Dick can! “ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dick Johnson
Apr 5
Chord Huskers & Three Buds and a Thorn I am currently working on a project to preserve a piece of my family history. My grandfather, Louie Bohn loved Barbershop and sang for years. He started
Richard Stapleton
Apr 4
Re: FW: Tickets For Sale Barbershoppers: I have booked a room at MGM for the convention, Tuesday through Sunday, and would like share it with another barbershopper. It is $129.00 per
Larry Parker
Apr 3
Lunch Break survives skydiving Hey everybody Well it looks like spring finally made it! With spring's arrival often times men and boys will turn their attention to more frivolous activities.
Jonathan Foster
Apr 3
Re: Southern's gentleman's bowties http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=370920251389 JAP :-}) Sent from Samsung tablet ... From: Dick Johnson Date: 04/02/2014
Apr 2
Re: Southern's gentleman's bowties Right you are, Dick . Sent from my iPhone ... Right you are, Dick . Sent from my iPhone On Apr 2, 2014, at 9:56 AM, Dick Johnson < chordhuskerdick@... >
Bob Squires
Apr 2
Brooklyn Sweet Adelines seeks new director WANTED: CHORAL DIRECTOR The Brooklyn Chorus of Sweet Adelines International is searching for a new director We are a small women’s chorus singing
Apr 2
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Help with Research? Hi Everyone, This is technically not connected to barbershop, per se, but I need some help. Some of you may have seen this on Facebook, so forgive me if you
Jen Wheaton
Apr 2
Re: Southern's gentleman's bowties Southern's gentleman's bowtie - - - - - - - - - - - I believe it's a ribbon (black?) about ¾" wide and at least 24" long. Tied like a shoelace. Right
Dick Johnson
Apr 2
Re: Amazon Smile It worked for me, too. Go to smile.amazon.com You may need to type Harmony Foundation International into a search box. IMPORTANT!!! It appears you MUST be
Paul Girard
Apr 2
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