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99520Re: [bbshop] Barbershop arrangements in Spanish.

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  • Jack W. Martin
    May 3, 2011
      Dan, Ya really got me confused here . I do not think an arrangement of a
      song in Spanish, would change the notes of the same song arranged in
      English. With that said. we must be talking about converting the lyrics
      form English to Spanish
      I would think if you are living in the area of Miami, there surely would be
      someone in your chapter who speaks, comprehends and writes both Spanish and
      English as well. It seems to me it would be a relatively simple task for a
      well schooled bilingual person to to convert the English lyrics to Spanish.
      Or am I missing something here? I too am LOL.

      If I have misinterpreted you question, Maybe, "I left my heart in Tijuana"
      might be a good choice. ;-) Seriously, I think there is another song
      called, "Down Mexico Way". Not sure if there is a BBS arrangement or not but
      maybe. Ask Tom Gentry, he has arranged quite an array of songs.

      In Harmony
      Jack Martin(ez)
      Cumming GA

      On Tue, May 3, 2011 at 10:54 AM, danielk.roberts

      > I've been searching for barbershop arrangements and have found two
      > arrangements of one song: Mexicali Rose. Anyone know of any more or can
      > anyone recommend where I can look...Thanks so much, Danny Roberts, The
      > Singing Miamians of Pinecrest.

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