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9583Re: [bbshop] Re: The Six Degrees of Opie

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  • Bill Byrd
    Sep 4, 2001
      This is actually Lindsay.

      Let me see.....there are several ways I can go about this, mpst of them
      requiring the mention of Tom Kentish.

      Scenario 1
      I have sung many tags with Tom Kentish who sang with Opie in Sharper Image

      Scenario 2
      I sing in a quartet with Morgan Lacroix
      Morgan LaCroix stayed up all night singing tags with the guys from Sharper
      Image (Including Opie I believe) at Harmony Pilgrimage a couple of years ago

      Scenario 3
      I sang in a quartet high school aged mixed quartet called The Mixed Nuts
      We did a show in Plattsburgh, NY about 5 or 6 years ago with By Design, One
      of Scott McCarthy's former quartets, where we sang together on the afterglow
      (Actually we sang with the other 3 in his quartet and Scott let me sing lead
      by myself while he stood beside me with a beer in one hand and a cocktail
      weenie in the other)
      Scott sang with Opie in Sharper Image

      Funny how I am connected to Opie in very few degrees, but have never had the
      pleasure of being officially introduced to him....(One of these days

      That is all for now! Hope all is well out there in Harmonet-land!

      In Harmony,


      Lindsay Chartier
      Bass- After Hours, 2000 Harmony Queens
      Bass- Blue Champagne, 1998 Harmony Queens
      Associate Member, Harmony, Inc.
      Bass- Virginia Coast Chorus (SAI)
      Lead- The Mixed Nuts (1994-1999)

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