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9582Re: [bbshop] Re: The Six Degrees of Opie

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  • goldmedl@theramp.net
    Sep 3, 2001
      Ann Alexander offers the following:
      >On behalf of my husband:
      >Tom Kentish sang with Opie in Sharper Image
      >George Harper sang with Tom Kentish in Backstage Pass

      OK, so with that in mind.....

      (Here comes the first of the FWD Dist. connections....)

      Jay Giallombardo sang with George Harper in Chicago Knights
      John Miller sang with Jay Giallombardo in Grandma's Boys
      and people like Bobby Gray and Dan Jordan (who have sung with just about
      everybody in FWD - wink, wink) sang with John Miller in New Tradition (the

      This is just WAY too much fun.
      (By the way, I AM related to Kevin Bacon (same game):
      Me to my sister, my sister to Moira Harris (they have been friends since
      diaper age), who is married to Gary Sinese, who was in "Apollo 13" with
      Kevin Bacon. And since many of you know me, you're all "related" to Kevin
      Bacon, too! (grin)

      On an e-mail roll now (hopefully catching up now that the kids are in

      Helen Giallombardo
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