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94379RE: [bbshop] Intervals and moods

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  • David Wallace
    Jun 1, 2010
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      I've never taken these specific observations into my work, but I'd love to
      know the reference material you're using. It sounds like something I'd love
      to read, as would my composer son and son-in-law.


      David Wallace
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      Master Director – "Heart of Ohio" Chorus (SAI)

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      Subject: [bbshop] Intervals and moods

      The following paragraph is part of a discussion of Indian music that, if I
      understand the discussion correctly, has 22 different tones in an octave.
      compares to some larger number - 96? - of tones we barbershoppers claim.)

      "The interval of a pure 4th (4:3) is considered feminine and to have a
      of (essence of) moonlight so is suitable for evenings and before dawn. The
      (tritone) expresses tentativeness and uncertainty so is often used at dawn
      dusk, and midday and midnight, when there are crucial changes (interestingly
      tritone which is 10% of a semitone sharper expresses fear and anguish). The
      major third expresses peaceful contentment, while the 81:64 major third
      expresses a more active joy. So depending on what state is being expressed
      certain shades of 3rds, 6ths, 7ths and 2nds are used. The tonic and dominant
      not vary and only occasionally is there a different subdominant."

      Do the deep thinkers of barbershop harmony have any thoughts on the points
      Do arrangers make choices based on such considerations? Do singers choose to
      tune chords differently for similar reasons?


      Tom Wiener


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