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93791RE: [bbshop] Re: help! desperately seeking quartet NAME

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  • Jim Adams
    Apr 20, 2010
      I sang in a one hit wonder for contest after my previous quartet had broken up. It included folks from PA and NC. We got together for one weekend of rehearsal before contest (came in mic tester). Our name was PANiC.

      Jim Adams
      PS I seem to have a penchant for P names. Pyramid, PANiC and Prism....

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      Hi Netters!

      I sang in a quartet with Roger Payne for one contest, to give a couple of guys in the chorus the experience of singing in a quartet contest.

      Our name - ATQ

      It stood for.................any guesses?

      A Trick Question.

      Only Roger.......................................!

      Canto ergo sum

      Marty Israel

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      Minor correction - "All the Way from Chicago"
      competed in the ILL Spring Dist. contest a couple of months *before*
      Grandma's Boys official retirement at the 1985 International convention
      and before I met Jay for the first time at a Chicago area bbshop party
      in mid July (and the rest to that story is history, as they say ;-).

      Too bad ... because I didn't attend that Illinois
      Dist. event or I would have heard
      ATWFC do a lovely rendition of "I Need a Loan Because I Loved You"
      with a punchline/tag of "Now I just shop ..... K-Mart (shop K-Mart)!"

      - Helen G.

      >That's right up there with....
      >"And now..... All the Way from Chicago!"
      >which was the name of the 1st quartet my husband
      >and Hank Brandt competed in after they retired from Grandma's Boys,
      >along with George Peters and Gregg Peters.
      >- Helen Giallombardo
      >At 01:38 PM 4/19/2010, SlickerLeadQ wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > >A friend of mine use to say he always wanted to name a quartet....
      > >The Next Quartet of the Evening so the MC would say "And now ladies
      > >and gentlemen, the next quartet of the evening is..... The Next
      > >Quartet of the Evening."
      > >
      > >Harmony-us-ly, BobCaldwell @ email . com

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