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7477Quartet exposure on CBS Sunday Morning

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  • Joe De Felice
    Jul 1, 2001
      Part of my Sunday ritual is to watch this program which often features
      Americana and Music themes. Today was no exception, but surprise,
      comes up Bill Geist with a light piece from somewhere west of East Podunk,
      USA in a town of about 270 people with nothing to celebrate annually.

      The opening featured background quartet singing of a song parody ( I do
      believe) of ICE CREAM from Music man... using the name of the town.
      My senior status and impaired left side of the brain <G> only allow
      recollection of the town name as Hariston... someone can correct me.

      There followed significant portions, probably all of "This Little Light of
      Mine, Let It Shine", with a very decent tag. Very credible job fellows!!

      Can anyone fill in the name of the quartet or the chapter or town?? No
      credit was attributed to the quartet.

      The town BTW has no barbershop so the boys sang in front of what looked
      like a bank. And, the thing the town settled upon was called Sundown Day
      which comes on June 21, day of the Summer Solstice, when a phenomenon
      occurs whereby at sundown, the sun sets directly over the only set of
      railroad tracks (Length-wise) and lights up the tracks and a large crowd
      gathers to view it (large there being 200 or so). It was very picturesque
      as they taped it. Neat small town Americana.

      Joe De Felice (coming back)

      ps. Going to try the trip to Nashville with the Grandkids. CYA there I hope.
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