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60055RE: [bbshop] singing slugs...

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  • Debi Cox
    Nov 1 5:26 AM
      Hm. I am a little confused why they are called singing slugs, when they are clearly snails... even the filmmaker seems to have missed that one!?

      Or am I being too pedantic?

      Either way, I am known for being an animation fan and I love the way the mouths are animated with so much energy - couldn't accuse them of not having enough space! And that oh-so-not-quite-sincere cheesy grin look on the word "sincere" part way through... magic :)


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      > coming out of Lurk mode ...
      > anyone know anything about this very cute 'quartet'??
      > It's a long link.. I hope this works...
      > http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2372561371102460289&q=%22Sincere+Slugs%2
      > 2+playable%3Atrue&pr=goog-sl

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