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59314Re: [bbshop] Re: The Job Listing - for men only

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  • Shelley Herman
    Oct 2, 2005
      > From: "judi" <crowj9@...>
      > Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2005 05:36:41 -0000
      > To: bbshop@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [bbshop] Re: The Job Listing - for men only
      > You ARE kidding, right?
      > not at all concerned,
      > judi smith

      I have had personal and professional relationship with SAI and it's members
      for over forty years. I respect the talents and abilities of those ladies
      greatly. Their dedication to preserving four part harmony is greater than
      some members of BHS, or so it often seems to me. My #2 all time favorite
      quartet (after the Sidewinders) is a SAI gold medal quartet. My wife sang
      in a medalist chorus for many years, so I am very familiar with what the
      ladies can contribute to our hobby.

      However, For THIS SUBJECT ONLY, I am defining a Barbershopper as a member of

      I feel that in BHS, or any organization of this type, leadership should be
      held by active, participating members. Others, regardless of gender, might
      have the talent and ability, but they are not members of the organization
      with the dedication that a long time member has.

      We recently were party to a mistake made within our own organization, and I
      have seen the same sort of mistake made in two other organizations I belong
      to where "outsiders" were hired with similar results.

      The D of M & E should come from within the very talented ranks of BHS, just
      as all of the previous ones have.

      Shelley Herman
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