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59304Re: The Job Listing - for men only

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  • Chris Slacke
    Oct 1, 2005

      You went right to my opinion about the ex-DME.

      What about the main thrust of my post: do you have an opinion about


      --- In bbshop@yahoogroups.com, "John Elving" <leaderman@e...> wrote:
      > At the great hazard of opening a real can of worms here, I will ask
      > following question:
      > What was so bad about the last "regime" in the music
      education part of BHS?
      > I have been a member of the society for a long time, and also a
      member of
      > this Harmonet group for a long time. I don't recall any particularly
      > venemous outcries against Greg Lyne or any of the other music
      educators who
      > have been employed by the society to aid us in being the very best
      > we can be, no matter the style of music. As a former music educator
      > church musician, I applaud the efforts to get all barbershoppers to
      > correctly. I really would like to know what was so wrong with the
      > ":regime", and what we need to do to make it better. All, of course,
      > without snake venom or even so much as a bee sting.
      > John Elving
      > leaderman@e...
      > Shrine of Democracy Chorus
      > Rapid City, SD
      > > [Original Message]
      > > From: Chris Slacke <durhamchorus@y...>
      > >I'll admit it's only partially sarcastic to say I believe
      > > ANYTHING would be an improvement over the last regime.
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