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59293RE: [bbshop] The Job Listing - for men only

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  • John Elving
    Oct 1 9:06 AM
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      At the great hazard of opening a real can of worms here, I will ask the
      following question:
      What was so bad about the last "regime" in the music education part of BHS?

      I have been a member of the society for a long time, and also a member of
      this Harmonet group for a long time. I don't recall any particularly
      venemous outcries against Greg Lyne or any of the other music educators who
      have been employed by the society to aid us in being the very best singers
      we can be, no matter the style of music. As a former music educator and
      church musician, I applaud the efforts to get all barbershoppers to sing
      correctly. I really would like to know what was so wrong with the last
      ":regime", and what we need to do to make it better. All, of course,
      without snake venom or even so much as a bee sting.

      John Elving
      Shrine of Democracy Chorus
      Rapid City, SD

      > [Original Message]
      > From: Chris Slacke <durhamchorus@...>

      >I'll admit it's only partially sarcastic to say I believe
      > ANYTHING would be an improvement over the last regime.
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