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59289The Job Listing - for men only

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  • Chris Slacke
    Oct 1 7:27 AM
      (This post is for the guys only. All you gals need to go find a shirt
      to iron, or something to cook, or whatever...)

      So, will the BHS hire the best person for the Director of Music &
      Education position, or only the best male applicant? I noticed the
      listing discriminates against the fairer sex right from the giddyup:

      "Job Opening: Director of Music and Education

      This position requires:
      Membership in the Barbershop Harmony Society.

      Unless the BHS is prepared to make an exception in this instance, it
      is hardly an equal opportunity, given this particular requirement
      eliminates 50% of the population. How clever.

      Really, are we still that far behind? Good Grief! We need a manager,
      an imaginative, humble servant of the style to keep us going and move
      us forward. I'll admit it's only partially sarcastic to say I believe
      ANYTHING would be an improvement over the last regime. It's a matter
      of commitment!

      Chris Slacke

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      > Job Opening: Director of Music and Education
      > The Barbershop Harmony Society seeks an outstanding
      > individual to lead us to a position of preeminence in vocal music.
      > See the complete job description online:
      > Responsibilities:
      > Planning and budgeting
      > Managing staff
      > Establishing/overseeing Society programs
      > Interacting with leaders of other vocal music organizations
      > This position requires:
      > A bachelors degree in music or music education.
      > Superior skills in business administration, management,
      > writing, and knowledge of barbershop style.
      > Membership in the Barbershop Harmony Society.
      > Ten years work experience in music related field.
      > Experience in quartet/chorus activity.
      > Willingness to travel.
      > Email a cover letter and résumé to rlewis@s...
      > Applications will be reviewed beginning August 15.
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