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36727Re: [bbshop] This just in....Don Harris quits as Barbershop Society's International CEO!!!

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  • BobBabcock@ameritech.net
    Feb 1, 2004
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      Brilliant! for us. You've got the players in the cross hairs!

      But the Don appears as our link to "the out side" (separation of words
      intended). We have a language amongst ourselves - socially incestuous
      perhaps. Don has the potential of seeing barbershopping for what it offers -
      and selling that to the public that we've been trying to communicate with
      unsuccessfully because we speak a different language.

      Support the man. He's selected. He's there.

      Nevertheless, this piece remains simply BRILLIANT!

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      Subject: [bbshop] This just in....Don Harris quits as Barbershop Society's
      International CEO!!!

      > JOB.
      > OK Mr. Harris, thanks for coming up to my office and congratulations
      > for becoming head of this society. There's a few things you should
      > know before you take the helm of leading an average run-of-the-mill
      > hobby-based organization into the 21st century. It's just routine
      > stuff that I'm sure you've run into. First of all, basses are dumb,
      > baritones are outcasts, leads are stagehogs, and tenors are gay.
      > Remember that it's very impolite to 5th wheel. Avoiding "Kipping" a
      > note unless you're VERY good. There is one professional barbershopper
      > and his name is Joe Connelly. Keep that name in mind, he's the answer
      > to many trivia questions. The second place quartet always got
      > screwed, most of us are forced to do choreography, and then there's
      > Munson Hinman.
      > We thank God for Sweet Ads, for without them we would NEVER have a
      > social life. The lobby is the temple of our hobby, nobody wants to be
      > the Chapter President, and Joe Daniels was perfect.
      > Barbershopping is the fourth leading cause of divorce in America and
      > everyone is dying to hear Max Q. There are people who are known just
      > by one name. Lloyd, Freddie, the aforementioned Kipp, O.C, Rupert,
      > Calvin and Willard, and of course, Oxley.
      > Giallombardo did not lead orchestras on New Years Eve, we really like
      > listening to Bob Disney but aren't sure why, the Suntones are
      > practically religious figures, Jeff Baker wrote that, Mike Senter
      > can't be explained, most of us have stayed up many nights trying to
      > pick the perfect quartet name, we worship the Boston Common, and
      > every quartet has one guy that needs to be kicked out to move from
      > 16th place to 13th. There are a few of us who spend the better part
      > of a decade rehearsing, spending thousands of dollars on matching
      > outfits, hiring several coaches, fighting and making up, just to
      > reach the ultimate plateau of International Champion and finally at
      > long last being heralded as the greatest quartet of your time just to
      > have someone in your office on Monday ask you if you won that trophy
      > cutting hair.
      > The quartet who barely sings in tune and speaks nearly no English
      > always gets standing ovations. Phil DeBar is not a command. Don't ask
      > what FRED really stands for. Where else would you have a mixed
      > quartet of Don Butzen and his wife singing with Otto Nass and his
      > wife. Their name? The Butzen Nasses.
      > Our best moments ever were when some of us were dressed as toy
      > soldiers, Wizard of Oz characters, the Marx Brothers, Star Trek
      > personnel, and inept doctors.
      > Van Tassell wouldn't hassle with the lyrics, and Felgen would be
      > beltin' with the bass, and Clark wouldn't bark in a letter, and the
      > lead in the Oriole Four sang high.
      > Yes, I know that doesn't make any sense. But those are actual lyrics
      > in a song explaining our relig..., I mean hobby.
      > So Mr. Harris, let me now try to explain Lloyd Steinkamp, Dick
      > Johnson, why Jim Meehan quit, how the West Towns chorus won
      > International by placing second in both rounds of the contest, why
      > every judge is deemed incompetent, and the new Science of Sound. I'm
      > sure with your vast background leading organizations, this is making
      > perfect sense to you. Right?......
      > Mr. Harris?.... Don? Hmmmm where'd he go....Don??? Oooooo, that must
      > have hurt--I wonder if he knew that we were on the third floor?
      > Respectfully submitted,
      > Richard Stanford
      > Barbershopper for 20 years and 1 day 1/30/84
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