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  • Myron Menaker
    May 1 5:33 AM
      What a treasure trove of music nostalgia! The songs we love to sing --
      sheet music covers, lyrics, piano midi files; and, most of all, the
      fascinating stories behind the songs and their composers! Great stuff
      for you MC's, show writers and just plain old "Joe Barbershop!"
      (Oooops....Jill Barbershop too!)

      Have a look....you'll be glad you did:


      Singin' at the beach,

      Myron Menaker
      Surfside Chorus

      Myron Menaker Daytona Beach FL USA
      myronm@... |
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      .-'-. //o\ _\/_
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      jgs^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^-=======-~^~^~^~~^~^~^ ~|~^~^|^~`
      Keep the Whole World Singing! |
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