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109000Ladies - got style??

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  • bbshopkat
    Aug 5, 2014
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      If you do, then East Coast Style quartet might be the opportunity that you've been waiting for! East Coast Style is NJ based quartet looking for a competitive minded lead to complete our foursome. You might know us from our brief stint as a 'quintet' back in 2012 when, as the Region 15 Quartet Champions, we were joined by Hurricane Sandy who put a real snag in our International aspirations!

      Are you:

      We're looking for someone who has that stylish 'it' quality, who has the ability to take us to the next level, loves to have fun and is dedicated to making things happen!

      If you're a lead who has what it takes to join us on our next musical journey, then contact us to schedule your audition at: eastcoaststyle4@...