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108817Roger Payne Memorial Poker Tournament

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  • Dr. John K. Ward
    Jun 17, 2014
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      Here is the confirmed list for the Roger Payne Memorial Poker Tournament in Vegas. Lots of people have expressed interest in this but have not confirmed. If you are not on this list and want to play, reply to me. 50% of all money collected will be donated to Harmony Foundation. Our goal is 100 players at $100.00 a head. This will allow us to donate $5000.00. Sign up now. The tournament will be held immediately following the chorus contest Friday evening. Room TBA.

      Roger Payne Memorial Poker Tournament
      1) John Ward
      2) Joe Hunter
      3) Dan Wright
      4) Brady Anderson
      5) Alan Webb
      6) Rob Snoulten
      7) Billy Edwards
      8) Aaron Riccio
      9) Will Downey
      10) Dean Waters
      11) Ben Elmendorf
      12) Richard Stanford
      13) Johnny Goebel