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108815Re: Maybe can't make Las Vegas

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  • themcalexanders
    Jun 17, 2014

      Not sure about MGM Grand, but in general you can usually cancel a room without repercussion as long as you do it within the cancellation window, usually about 48 hours in advance.  If you look at your confirmation, it should have that information.  Before you cancel it, you might put the word out here and on the BHS Facebook page if you're on that in case anyone wants to assume it from you -- It's usually possible to transfer a room at the same rate.

      Plan tickets can usually be rebooked for another time, although depending on airline and circumstances there's usually a charge to do this, but it's usually also considerably less than just eating the cost altogether.

      And yes, be sure to try to sell the all-events tickets.  They are transferable.  The new "owners" would just need to visit the Registration area to get new nametags.

      Ann McAlexander
      (Who had to cancel a trip to international at the last minute a couple times and deal with some of these issues, too.)
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