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108308Thank You Poem/song?

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  • larry robinson
    Dec 28, 2013
      Hi Netters,
           I have directed this poem/idea to a select few…BUT….I encourage everyone to have a go at writing a Thank You lyric, or to identify a group I've neglected. If you write something, I hope you will post it on the Net, or send me a copy.
           There's no chapter meeting between Christmas and New yearSoooo I am trying to stay busyand I thought to myself.
      A while ago there was a theme on the Harmonet, asking if there  was a barbershop "Thank You" song. After some discussion… someone……(I don't trust my memory, but I think it involved Norm Starks, Joe Johnson, and maybe our resident poet John??? Hinkley) They informally agreed to get together and create a "Thank You" song…. arrange it for Barbershop,   and offers it for free on the Net. 
           I have not seen a finished product, and I started playing around with a lyric. It turns out,... Its really hard to make a "one size fits all" Thank You song. So far I have created an "inter" and thank you's for chapter members who do extra jobs, family and friends who work behind the scenes, and the cater staff at then afterglow. 
           I offer my efforts to those guys with no limitations…in hopes that it may re-energize that earlier effort. Feel free to modify or re-write my feeble attempts. 
          The only edress I have is Norm's, so I hope that everyone else involved will read it on the Net.
      Larry Robinson
      Lead, Heart of Florida Chorus
      Draft lyric


      Another day comes to a close, full of harmony and song.
      We're happy that its over, and this party's nearly done.
      The time has come to wrap things up, to pay what bills are due.
      So now, we sing our final song, Our song of  thanks to you.

      We know some chapter members, have worked harder than the rest.
      You coped with problems large and small, and suffered extra stress.
      So, Thanks for volunteering , We hold your talents dear.
      And, we've penciled in your name to do the job again next year.

      We've always been most thankful for, our family and friends,
      They work so hard behind the scenes. to tie up those loose ends.
      So, lots of hugs and kisses, for you, the love-light beams.
      You gave us hope and time and love, So we could live our dreams.

      Our Afterglows are always filled with laughter, song and food.
      So let's all thank the cater staff, you did great!, we knew you would!
      To you we sing our Thank You song, For all the things you do.
      Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, and most of all, Tha-ank You!

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