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108026RE: [bbshop] It has been quite awhile and I need you help once again

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  • Linda Noble
    Oct 13, 2013
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      Hi Jack!

      I will be filling this survey out within two days and sending back to you.

      But I felt the need to comment on the TWO comments received thus far
      criticizing the lack of follow-up or follow-through on this survey, when
      the survey has not yet even been completed. Respectfully, rather than simply
      speaking about what HASN'T happened in the past and getting philosophical
      about it, why not actually complete the survey and return it, with an
      emphatic comment voicing your sincere hope that said follow-through occurs
      and that you enthusiastically anticipate hearing back about what positive
      motion has been made after this survey has been completed. Even go so far as
      to say, in the past you have noted that such efforts seem to have lacked
      that follow-through and it was disappointing at the least and disheartening
      and frustrating at the worst.

      But at the very least, please do fill out the survey, so that someone
      actually HAS a chance of taking action on the information gathered.

      Just my opinion - respectfully submitted. I know I am an altruist. But I am
      personally seeing lots of new, young, interested barbershoppers in my part
      of the country getting involved and being extremely enthusiastic about this
      passion of ours. I see it becoming THEIR PASSION. Why not add to that by
      rediscovering your own passion for this wonderful thing we call Barbershop
      by sharing a little of it with Montana Jack and the rest of us.

      Thanks to all!!

      Linda Noble

      Associate, BHS

      Member, BQPA (Pioneers)

      Tenor, Harmony Heritage chapter of Harmony, Inc.

      (daughter of Tom & June Noble, both long-time Barbershoppers)

      From: bbshop@yahoogroups.com [mailto:bbshop@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of
      Montana Jack Fitzpatrick
      Sent: Friday, October 11, 2013 1:53 PM
      To: bbshop@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [bbshop] It has been quite awhile and I need you help once again


      Approximately four years ago, I conducted a couple of informal and entirely
      unauthorized Harmonet surveys about membership and attendance at chapter
      meetings. Your response to these surveys was not only outstanding, but the
      data gathered has been used often in discussions about these matters.
      Additionally, some of our data was used in preparing task force reports for
      the International Board of Directors.

      However, time and events have occurred since those surveys causing us to ask
      if they are still valid. Membership has declined by over 3000 members in
      these past four years. Additionally, I can assure you that there has been
      a more intense focus on the subject of membership and attendance.
      Additionally, we are about to prepare an article for publication probing the
      boundaries of the membership and attendance problems. Therefore, it seems
      appropriate to update our survey and I need the collective assistance of
      every Harmonetter.

      I know that our participation rate has dropped remarkably. Last month we
      had only 70 postings. In bygone years, I can remember getting that many in
      just a couple of days when we had some of our most fiery and notable
      exchanges about hot button issues.

      So, I am asking you to come out of lurk mode, just for a week or so and give
      me some of the famous Harmonet assistance.

      The entire and original survey is attached below. To respond, just put
      some numbers beside the appropriate reasons and send your questionnaire back
      to me.

      Last time we had over 500 responses. Please try your best to equal or
      exceed that number this time.

      Thanks for your help and for responding.

      Blessings to everyone,

      Montana Jack, keeping the faith, keeping it barbershop and keeping the "Q"
      in BHS
      I' m a 23K Project Caller. Ask me how you can become one too.

      23K Project, Task Force Chairman


      We are about to launch into the next leg of our journey to clearly
      identifying some more of the causes for our membership problems. If we can
      put our finger exactly on the problems, perhaps we can find our collective
      way to some effective solutions.

      We need to find out the REAL reasons people leave the society. As in every
      part of our lives, there is the story for "public consumption" and the REAL
      story. A guy may leave the society telling everyone that he has family
      issues. But there may be just one guy he tells the REAL story. Perhaps he
      doesn't like standing on the risers for a long time or has seen a long
      remembered atmosphere of fellowship eroding.

      Most folks tell someone-----and perhaps that someone is you (sounds like a
      great song title).

      Thanks to those who have added a few more reasons to our list. Special
      thanks to Charlie Davenport, who has quite a bit more up close and personal
      reasons that people have given to him. Also, thanks to Keith Eckhardt for
      sharing all of the interesting responses he received about folks who were
      late in renewing their membership.

      TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS SURVEY all you have to do is hit the reply button and
      return your input to me. Simply list a number after ANY (or as many as you
      like) of the items on the list below OF WHICH YOU HAVE PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE.
      No second hand information please. Only list the numbers of folks with whom
      you have had a personal contact.

      We will let this run a week or so and then I will compile the numbers and
      post them back on the Harmonet for those who are interested.

      So here is the definitve list of the REAL reasons folks leave the BHS
      (please don't add any more---you already had your chance to do that):

      * Finances

      * Family pressure to quit

      * Needed at home

      * Job pressures and requirements.

      * Dislike the director

      * Don't like the competitive environment

      * Personal health problems

      * Family health problems

      * Can't keep up with learning the music or choreography

      * Can't keep up with the high singing level required

      * Can't stand the bad singing

      * No time to just stand around and sing

      * No time for fellowship

      * Quartet obligations

      * Long commute

      * Too old, too tired, all done with singing

      * Have to move

      * Don't like the music

      * Don't like standing on the risers all night long

      * Chapter Politics or chapter run by a clique

      * Lack of chapter organization

      * Same old, same old every week

      * Rehearsal night changed

      * "Lack of support from Headquarters (Nashville or District)"

      * Did not feel included

      * Initial warm welcome became indifference

      * Didn't know what was expected of me


      * I missed a bunch of rehearsals and no one called me

      * Bruised Ego

      * Lack of opportunities to become involved (or no one asked)

      The final results of this survey will be sent to those in the society that
      need this information and will be published to the Harmonet for everyone to

      Please remember this is a completely unauthorized, unscientific survey which
      is seeking the collective wisdom of the Harmonet.

      Thanks for your help,




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