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108006RE: [bbshop] iOS app for pitchpipe and song list

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  • Jim Adams
    Oct 10, 2013

      Check out http://www.adamsdev.us/BarbershopPitchpipe.html


      With iOS7 there is one bug where you can’t email a playlist but that is being worked on. There is also a reported bug for earlier ios versions where the shared playlist is not imported and that is also beging worked on.


      The next version will include 2 pitches per song.


      Jim Adams


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      I'm looking for an iOS app that combines a pitch pipe, of the sampled sound variety, with the ability to create a song list that includes key. Pitch Perfect is a good example but the pitch is generated electronically, which doesn't appeal to me at all.


      Any suggestions?


      Michael Gilmore

      Bass, Handsome Reward

      Alexandria Harmonizers

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