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  • Mark Schuldenfrei
    Jul 12 11:07 AM
      Forgive me if I muse, but I really am hoping for better understanding
      and enlightenment...

      On 7/12/2013 11:44 AM, Jeremy Reynolds wrote:
      > Speaking of rules. How about AVP's use of a woman who is NOT specifically a
      > director? They identified her as a director. She lifted her arms (as if
      > directing) a time or two but most of the time she was an actor in the scene
      > - not a director. Boy was that pushing the envelope! It's probably good
      > that I was not a PRS judge. I would probably have DQed them. I heard
      > others in the hall saying the same thing. I've seen lots of contest
      > presentations that would have been enhanced by having a woman on stage. So
      > all we have to do is call her a director, let her sashay across the stage or
      > be the object of the love song and it's OK? Do we really want to go there?
      > If so, let's change the rules and say we can use women as props or scenery
      > or whatever as long as they don't sing.

      I thought this was a very interesting point, from the standpoint of
      the existing rules alone. I'm not opposed to the question of
      whether that woman was really a "director", although I have no
      firm opinion on whether she was or was not.

      But I backed up a step and asked myself "why not have non-singers
      on stage"? I don't understand the PURPOSE of the rule, nor can
      I really make sense of it on my own.

      Consider, as a real example, my choruses performance at International.
      Our front row (which included our wonderful director) basically
      could not sing during our second song - the choreography was very
      intense and it limited their ability to sing. (They sang or
      directed their hearts out on our first song.)

      What is the difference between a singer who is not singing, and
      a person who is not singing such as a woman, or an actor? Did the
      wonderful rabbit in the Toronto Northern Lights first song
      really sing? I doubt he sang all the time: part of the time
      he was off stage, and part of the time he had false bunny-teeth
      in his mouth.

      If we are continuing to work to improve our presentation and
      audience response, why not have a "cast of thousands" (even, gasp,
      women) if choruses think that it improves the show? Can we let the
      Judges be the judge of whether the presentation was worth it,
      and whether the singing was mixed gender or single-gender and
      of appropriate quality?

      It isn't done. Why isn't it done? I'm sure there is a reason,
      I just am not aware of what that reason might be.

      Mark Schuldenfrei
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