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  • Nancy K. Foris
    Jul 9, 2013
      I witnessed the extreme production efforts both this year and last. I
      have to say, IMHO, the "value" of such productions left me a bit "put
      off" by their length and involvement. With all the "production
      equipment" and length of the "production," I was losing the song(s) and
      their content, whether lyrically driven, emotionally driven,
      harmonically driven or tempo-driven. At least half way through the
      presentations, I was mystified, confused, and losing interest! That's
      not how it should be, is it? Aren't we to be enthralled, wrapped up, and
      otherwise "taken to another level" by the presentations? I was beginning
      to catch the "devices" and not pay attention to the song(s).
      BUT -- what do I know?
      Nancy of the Foris(t)
      47 consecutive years of attendance
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