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105786Great Lakes Harmony Brigade - 5/31 -6/2/13

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  • Mike O'Donnell
    Dec 2, 2012
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      The music is just about ready and so are the CD's! The list of attendees is starting to fill up (basses leading the way as usual!). It's an exciting time to be a barbershopper with eXtreme Quartetting (XQ) meetings springing up everywhere. This will be the 4th annual Great Lakes Harmony Brigade (GLHB) and it just keeps getting better. You're really going to enjoy singing with our new sound system!

      If someone wants an idea from you for Christmas, why not have them pay part or all of your registration to attend the Great Lakes Harmony Brigade next May 31st thru June 2nd. You can find all the information you'll need about Great Lakes at our website: http://www.harmonybrigade.org/glhb/

      The list of songs is really impressive and challenging. If you're going to North Carolina or Northern Pines Brigades you know what I mean. We welcome all of you who have or will attend those two Brigades to come and add your experience to the Great Lakes weekend.

      Just a word of caution or two...this is a weekend where 100+ men will come prepared on all 11 songs to sing with YOU in various quartet combinations. They will expect YOU to be prepared because they will be! Coming unprepared is not an option. However, if your idea of singing all weekend with 100+ guys who are prepared on 11 different songs is one of pure joy, then XQ is for you. We want you to experience a weekend of non-stop singing that will knock your socks off. Remember your first International or your first Harmony College? Well, as good as they were/are, this will be better. Why? Because you'll be the one doing all the singing! Then you go back to your Chapter and try to explain what it was like. Good luck with that! ☺

      Hope to see many of you next year at GLHB! If I don't write again this month I wish all of you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

      Yours in XQ,
      Mike O'Donnell, Pres

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