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403Caravan to Mini of Pensacola, Aug. 15th

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  • Chris Calohan
    Jul 25, 2009
      Given the route we are going to take, I am thinking the most convenient starting point is from the Publix shopping center on Hwy 77 in Lynn Haven (5th traffic light north of the mall/23rd street on 77). I want everyone there by 2:30 PM and it is a conservative 2 1/2 hours to the dealership, so noon is the earliest time we can leave...but I want to be sure and take into consideration potty stops, so let's plan for an 11:30 am departure. If you have Walkie Talkies, by all means bring them. I will have people strategically located in the caravan that can take you right to their front door in the event the pack gets broken up by a traffic light. Please register your name for the caravan on the Panhandle Minis forum page of www.sunshineminis.org or email me and I will do it for you.....but, I really want you guys registered there even if it is only to communicate with the Panhandle group.